A Steady and Constant Slow

Today's snow storm from my studio window, the first all winter

Today  I did something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and have been afraid to do.  I decided to get paypal on my website.  I’m sure being afraid to get paypal will seem silly to many people, it even seems silly to me intellectually, but most of  my fears have little to do with intellect.  So I went online and got some information then emailed Chris at Mannix Marketing, my web designer, and told him I was ready for paypal.

I think my fear has to do with losing control.  I have this idea that people will start ordering and paying for work that I don’t have and I will be overwhelmed and not be able to give them their money back.  See what I mean, not very rational.   This imagined fear has kept me from even just checking out paypal for a long time.

It was selling Jon’s notecards (and a desire to make it happen for a long time)  that made me see the light and take the plunge.  In the past few weeks I’ve spent so much time sending emails back and forth and figuring out the paper work, I figured  there must be an easier way.  And from what I’ve seen, paypal can make a big difference.    This doesn’t mean I won’t answer emails anymore or take checks, ( I actually love making that personal contact) it’s just another option and should make less paper work for me.   I like that.

And it’s funny, like most of my fears, once I actually do what I’m afraid of, the fear goes away.  Yesterday I was really nervous at the idea of getting paypay, after email Chris, I can’t wait to use it.

I may be slow like tortoise, but it’s a steady and constant slow, in the right direction.


12 thoughts on “A Steady and Constant Slow

  1. I love the option of paypal and also still have the option of checks. I use payapl a lot and can only write three checks a month on my checking account before I get a fee. Last month was the first month I had a fee-a minor one. Will you be selling more of Jon’s notecards? I had always wanted to get other sets I had seen but I had not been able to before. I love his family farm series and also the daily meetings and the barn and window series. I look forward to seeing what you create in the future with your potholders, streaming pieces and quilts.

    1. Oh Becca and I asked you to write 2 separate checks, I’m sorry. From now on you can use paypal! And I will be selling more of Jon’s note cards.

  2. I really laughed, Maria, about your fear of PayPal. I wasn’t laughing at YOU, but at myself. It wasn’t long ago that I overcame my fear of USING PayPal. I was convinced for a couple of years that if I signed up to use it, “they” would take all my personal information and hack my credit card and victimize me. One day I just took the plunge and found out that I was the one who had conjured up the boogeyman where there was none. And so it goes……

  3. Maria – I love the picture you posted with this entry. Would you, like Jon, consider selling your photograph?? It’s just perfect. Thank you!

  4. I agree with Suzanne! I had to laugh at myself for STILL being afraid to even TRY Paypal as a buyer! When I do things that make me fear, the feeling doesn’t go away at first, but if I keep it up, I beat the fear and win. Annie

  5. Dear Marie, Yay! Thank you for adding Paypal to your options of paying. It will be alright- no worries.

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