I Woke Up Dreaming….

I Woke Up Dreaming Of Endless Possibilities

There are some days when I can easily  go from one piece to another.  Today was like that.  I had a couple of  streaming pieces to finish up and some potholders to make and I was immersed in each of them.  I started by finishing a wall piece  using a fabric with a Celtic design as the inner border and red velvet from a Choir dress that someone had sent me, as the outside border.  The words are: “Heal me myself I’m part of the whole, there’s a sun in my belly and a fire in my chest, slow down see all, find your tribe”

After that I made a few potholders.      By then it was 2:30, almost time to feed the donkeys and cats.  And I had paper work to do too.  Shipping and bookkeeping and I hadn’t gotten to my email yet.  So I gave myself a half hour to design the other streaming piece, sampling the RoseAnn Cash record The Wheel on itunes while I worked. (Ever since I heard an interview with her on the radio show Being  and read her memoir, I’ve been a fan) For this piece  I used the red liner from the velvet  Choir dress as an inner border and found a great pinkish striped piece for the outer border.  This stiped piece of fabric mesmerized me.  I couldn’t stop starring at it, it seemed  familiar to me.  Then I thought of  outfit Daniel Day Lewis wore in the movie The Gangs of New York.  His clothes, which were wild compared to the drabness of the scenery, is the only thing I remember about the movie.   This  striped piece of fabric didn’t look like his outfit, but…well somehow it reminded me of it.   And although it isn’t outrageous it evoked that feeling in me.

Suddenly I was caught up circus imagery, bright and sinister, colors and shapes larger than life, when  Simon started braying.   Brought back to the studio I searched for the corner pieces ( I knew the stripes needed corner pieces) and came up with the iridescent red that shimmers when it moves.   And as much as I wanted to piece it together, I knew I  had to feed the animals and get my paper work done. So I left it for tomorrow, the pink stripes filling my head and making my heart beat a little faster.

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