Off to Madison, Back on Monday…


"Slow train to glory, freedom beat my heart, I woke up dreaming of endless possibilities, I can I will I am"

Jon and I are going to Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow where Jon will get his Charlotte Zolotow Children’s Book Award for  Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm. (I’m so proud of him)

So I’ll be back on Monday.  Here’s a few of my latest Streaming pieces, I don’t think I’ve posted them before.

"I saw the rainbow on the ceiling, dew drops renew me, the singing teapot brings me home, move my heart, I carry the sun"
"Stand in your truth, fly in your wisdom, the crying tree knows justice, your heart will lead the way"


5 thoughts on “Off to Madison, Back on Monday…

  1. I do appreciate your work. Your heart is your compass. It is evident in your streaming and in the photos with the animals. It is a joy to look at your blog. Maria, thank you.

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