Chickens and Flowers For Sale


Setting up my new label machine

Selling Jon’s notecards has pushed me in new directions that I wouldn’t have imagined.  Getting paypal is one of the ways I’m figuring out how to use my time most efficiently.  This week I got a label machine.  No more writing out addresses.  Of course it took me all afternoon (and help from Sarah, bless her) to get it going, but now it works and I’m eager to use it.

So to celebrate Spring (my own personal sense of Spring since the real thing is still weeks away)  I’m selling Flowers and Chickens.

Jon’s note cards come in packs of 5.  Each one is signed and they are $15 per pack + $5 shipping.  I don’t have paypal yet (but soon) so I’m still only taking checks at this point.  If you’re interested in any of the packs below just email me at [email protected] or go to CONTACT ME.   (I only have a few packs of the Spring Flowers and Chicken Note Cards left. )

Spring Flowers


Flowers and Light




4 thoughts on “Chickens and Flowers For Sale

  1. First Paypal then address labels,”Well, you’re movin on up, to the big time, you finally got a piece of the pie.” That Jefferson’s theme song just popped into my head. Congrats on it all Maria! You deserve it!

  2. Maybe a totally celebratory,glory on the highest,immensely self indulgent collage could come from this.Sweet.

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