ThiS iS WHaTs ReAL

So, I’m into these new collage pieces.  This one comes directly from a dream, and a massage.  It seems the perfect medium for a dream.

First I had the dream.  In it, I was outside the house I grew up in.  There was an ominous feeling of a storm coming.  The sky was dark and spooky.  My mother was talking to me from a neighbors house, saying something unsettling.  Then I heard Jon’s voice, but I couldn’t find him.  I was walking up the driveway and my legs started to get heavy and my feet were hard to move so I decided to fly.  I flew to the back door and saw Rose inside the house barking to me.  I flew through the door and started petting her and I knew I was alright.    Then I woke up.

The words came to me during and after the massage.  Mandy also did some grounding energy work and the first thing I said  to her after the massage was “This is what’s real.”

This Is What Real detail

The words are:

“This is what’s real, If I can’t walk I’ll fly, My arms are mine, My legs are mine, I went home last night, not to the house I grew up in, but to the Rose inside me.”

This Is What’s Real is a wall hanging,  it  measures 17″x 21″.  It’s $95 + $8 shipping.  If you’re interested you can email me at [email protected] or got to CONTACT ME.

6 thoughts on “ThiS iS WHaTs ReAL

  1. Maria, This piece is amazing. Your spirit for us all to experience.Your writing your dream sequence is right on. I love that you saw Rose. I think she’s definately in your heart. I must tell you that the other morning I heard Maverick barking to wake me.

  2. as my eyes scanned this piece, I lit on the words in the lower right corner, and they have brought tears to my eyes. Lots and lots of truth.

  3. Maria, I love this new work that is pouring out of you. I am such an admirer! Your dream–so touching.

  4. Oh Maria, I love this work and I love what Gaye said about collage bags! I would sure love a collage bag. Think you might do this?

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