Meg’s Feather

After the fox attacked the chickens this morning I found this feather in the road.  They all escaped with the help of Simon and a neighbors dog, although Fran has some pretty good punctures.  Now they’re in the barn for a few days (Fran’s recovering in a crate) but there were feathers everywhere.   The fox got a mouth full of Megs feathers as he chased her across the road, until he was confronted with a neighbor walking her Husky.    The fox took off and Meg hid.

I  was mesmerized by the way  this feather seemed to dance with the breeze.

5 thoughts on “Meg’s Feather

  1. Sounds real scarey. What if you had your handy guy build you a chicken tractor to protect them from the crafty fox? Which in turn would also protect them from the swift hawks. We’re always having reports of foxes, who are generally rabid attacking more than just chickens. They dash out of nowhere to attack people, and also other creatures.

    Meg’s feather looks like a streaming piece idea to me.

  2. So sorry to hear about your chickens. I had three and lost one, but I love my chickies. We keep them in a corral that we can move around but keeps them safe. We have large coyotes here abouts so we need to keep them in the chicken corral. We have seen a few fox in the yard as well.

  3. I’m always amazed by what you “see,” and it’s making me be more watchful for the beauty in the mundane.

    So happy Meg and Toots and ok and am sure pulling for Fran.

  4. Beautiful video, Maria. Long may Meg, Toots and Fran’s feathers dance with the breeze. Loved hearing the chicken sounds in the background. THANKS for taking the time to post this.

  5. Think of the fine intricate, delicate design of a feather – how beautiful it is made – planned with a purpose in mind. I find that comforting.

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