Izzy doesn’t care about Pay Pal


Izzy in my studio, he doesn't care about Pay Pal

Yesterday I decided instead of going through my web designer to get Pay Pal on my site, I’d try to do it myself.  So today, I visited Connie at Battenkill  Books and she helped me figure out what would work best for me.  ( Connie recently got Pay Pal on her website so I consider her an expert and she was willing to give me advice) I’m not usually  good at this kind of thing, but I figured so many other people do it, why couldn’t I?  Connie was so helpful ( and spoke in a computer language I could understand) that by the time I got home I knew just what I wanted to do.

I would have a BUY NOW button for Jon’s notecards and my patchwork potholders and use Pay Pal invoices for everything else.  This means if someone want to purchase one of my pieces using Pay Pal instead of a check I’ll email them an Pay Pal invoice and they can pay online.  (I’m sure everyone but me already knows this)

Signing in and getting Pay Pal Invoices was easy.  (I’m still figuring out the BUY NOW buttons) It was so easy, that when I had successfully done it, I didn’t know I was finished.   When I sent my first test invoice to Jon, I was surprised it worked.  I still don’t think I’ll really believe I have Pay Pal until I make my first transaction.

So next week, when I get my BUY NOW button working, I’ll offer some  of Jon’s  Spring time notecards and try it out.

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