My Sock After a Days Work

Thread residue

Last Friday was so warm I didn’t have to light a fire in the studio, I just opened the windows and let the warm air in.  So I wasn’t wearing my slippers either. When I came into the house, I looked at my sock, and this is what I saw.  Well, I was just delighted!

Jon was good enough to take a picture, although he wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was.

I don’t think this is the kind of thing you can explain to anyone, ( I certainly can’t explain it)  they either get it or they don’t.  Is it just me, or does the idea of the threads of a days work randomly and rather beautifully stuck to a sock, strike a cord of wonder and delight?

17 thoughts on “My Sock After a Days Work

  1. I get it. I don’t like to empty the waste basket in my sewing room because the threads and fabric scraps are colorful and an art form of their own. They represent a lot to me and once in a plastic bag on their way to the garbage can nobody will see them again.

  2. Dear Maria,
    Love the sock! Reminds me of paintings seen in MOMA.
    Also the notecards and special mostly blue pot holder arrived safely on Saturday. Thank you so much. The pot holder is especially pretty and my friend for whom it is a present, will be thrilled.
    From Fran

  3. The photo reminds me of the long, multi-colored streamers cast by well wishers as an ocean liner leaves the dock. “Bon voyage” to your next flights of fancy in wonder and delight!

  4. I looked at my sock today after doing a day’s work around the house and it was completely covered with cat hair!

  5. Yup – socks, carpet, pants. The threads and snips of fabrics find their way around my house. People leave with small pieces of my handiwork. Especially at Christmas time. Then they leave with a little sparkle also.

    A messy room/desk/house is a sign of a creative mind!

    I like to gather the small fabric snips and threds and put them outside for the birds. We have colorful nests around here.

    1. Julie, What a wonderful idea! I have one nest with a strand of blue plastic tarp in it, but I never thought of leaving the treads outside intentionally. Thank You! so we too will have colorful nests!

  6. I love to darn my socks…and I love to use brightly colored emboidery thread to do so. I leave many strands perhaps 1/2″ or so long flowing from the repair. It brings a smile to my face when putting on and taking off my socks & shoes. Sounds silly, but it makes me smile, every, single, time. And it’s just for me. Love your work Maria.


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