It’s just a mistake

The first piece with the mistake

I started this streaming piece this morning and after I stitched the words the wild woman within walks in the woods of my being I realized I forgot the in on within.  One of my streaming rules is that I don’t remove stitches because there are no mistakes.  But it was different with these words, they came to me and I just wrote them wrong.  (I have corrected words on other pieces when I’ve misspelled them)  I was so happy with the piece and the words looked  good, so I stared at it  for a while, hoping it might suddenly make sense,  before taking my stitch remover to it.   As I pulled out the stitches I saw that they left tiny  holes in  the fabric. I tried to flatten them out, but the fabric was unforgiving.   I stitched the correct words anyway, hoping they would cover the holes.  Then I stitched over them.  But it was not use, it just got worse and worse.

So after 3 hours of work I got another piece of fabric and started over.  Once again I’m learning how the mistakes are all apart of the work.  And that you can’t continuously be creative hour after hour, day after day.  Some days I just don’t have it and it’s best to know when to keep at it and when to stop.

But today’s mistake was really just that, a mistake, not “one of those days”.  As I searched for a new piece of fabric I thought, this one will even be better.  I didn’t get to finish it today, but it’s stuck in my head and I’ll be back at it in the morning, picking up where I left off as if I never stopped.

The second piece

14 thoughts on “It’s just a mistake

  1. I like the first one the best. Are you ‘sure’ the first one is a mistake. I don’t think so, it’s so 3-D. It’s really amazing to look at, and if you don’t mind me saying it would really make a great vest, or perhaps a cool tote bag if it was a lot larger.

  2. Every day I see your work, and think no THIS one is my favourite. No THIS one is my favourite. But I think for sure I really really mean it this time. Its also interesting to me that in the second piece the woman is hiding behind the tree (or so it seems to me) and in the first one the woman figure is the tree. I am grateful for you and Jon, you cant know how you hold me hand and encourage me. Thanks again.

  3. Maria,
    I have admired your streaming pieces for so long now. I get happy just looking at them. They are so beautiful, delicate, strong, happy, insightful and fun. I’m glad you share them with us.

  4. Maybe you could spray the area with a little water and put the piece in the dryer for a few minutes. The holes might close up again. It would be a shame to waste such a beautiful piece!

  5. I never tire of seeing your creative process. It amazes me. To think that people may tire of this is that old negative crap creeping back in. Keep sharing with us Maria. You bring pleasure to so many. :~)

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