The Wild Woman Within

Here’s my second try at my Wild Woman Within pillow almost finished (I ran out of pillow stuffing so it’s not quite done).

As I was stitching in the last donkey, (really the first donkey, but I stitched her last) the obvious idea of a path came to mind.  Then, I felt the  anger rise in me.  I was suddenly annoyed and angry at the idea of following the old path, of doing things the way they have always been done.   Find your own way, I almost shouted, but started stitching instead.

It wasn’t until I got to the “o” in “own” that I realized I was writing  backwards.  It was so strange, and I’ve never done this before, and once I realized I was doing it I had to really concentrate on how to continue writing backwards.

I still don’t know what happened, but I’m intrigued.  I wonder what will happen next.

The words are:  “The wild woman within walks the woods of my soul, before my heart could sing I dreamed of love, The snake of my spine is an arrow of confidence, find you own way”.

find your own way, written backwards

This pillow is for sale.  It’s $85 + $10 shipping.  If you’re interested just email me at [email protected] or go to CONTACT ME.

3 thoughts on “The Wild Woman Within

  1. I love the shoes on the tree and the four donkeys. The colors are great too. They work really well together in ways I would not have expected.

  2. Maria, are you sure you are not actually a poet who expresses such inspitational writing through colors and fabric? I could read many boks of poetry before finding anything like this! Annie

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