A Trail Of Stars

  I got this variegated thread at the fabric store last night and couldn’t wait to use it today.  It had some problems in my machine, kept breaking and getting stuck, but otherwise I love the way it looks and I love watching the colors change as I sew.  Next trip to the store I’ll try a different brand.

I made this wall hanging  using it.  (Once again the color in my photo isn’t quite right. The tread really is oranges to browns and it all works much better with the border.)

A Trail of Stars Leads Me Home

The words are: “Expanding my universe one chime at a time, my feet on the ground my heart above my head, a trail of stars leads me home”

This piece is Sold.

5 thoughts on “A Trail Of Stars

  1. Maybe you just need a larger needle size with that new thread? My machine had trouble with an Eqyptian all cotton quilt thread, couldnt use it at all to machine quilt, and I had the same trouble you had. Don’t know what I was thinking when I tried the all cotton thread, but had to go back to using the Coats & Clark cotton blend thread.

    Anyway that piece is very magical. I noticed that you worked your magic with Rocky, he is responding to you really well.

  2. Hi Maria,
    I read your post about the thread breaking. I spent many years making art quilts. Usually if thread gives you fits like that, it usually means the needle is dull, or you need a different type of needle – either one with a larger eye or a different type point. I recommend Schmetz brand http://www.schmetzneedles.com/. If you have a JoAnn Fabrics store nearby, they carry them.
    Happy Stitching!

    1. Thanks Nancy, I bet that’s what it is. My needle broke and I only had one left and I have no idea what size it is, I just wanted to keep sewing. I’ll check out the site and I do go to Jo Ann Fabrics so Thanks!

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