SoRt tHe SilVeRwArE, sTAck thE DIsHEs

Sort the Silverware

Do you know how sometimes, you’re so close to something that you can’t see it?

Well, last night I work up  from a dream and said “uhk! I was dreaming I was sorting silverware, what a waste of a dream.”

I could be doing absolutely anything in my dream and there I am organizing my forks and knives.   But, Jon, who was also awake by now, said it wasn’t a waste, it was a new streaming piece.

And I actually remembered it when I woke up in the morning.  I saw it as I meditated, the woman tossing her silverware haphazardly at a target and it falling to the ground.  With her other hand  she is artfully and recklessly stacking dishes.

When I hung the unfinished piece on my studio wall to get a better look at it, I noticed how similar it was to colors and shapes of the images on my wall.

This piece is sold.

6 thoughts on “SoRt tHe SilVeRwArE, sTAck thE DIsHEs

  1. Your stuff is so intensely vivid, avant-garde maybe even similar to the Fauvism period. Looks like you might like Gauguin, I think I might see one of his paintings as a print in your collection.

  2. What a brilliant piece, Maria. In many ways. Keep dreaming! And streaming. Actually, I don’t exactly know what streaming means. A little explanation?

    1. These pieces just come to me Terry, sometimes in a dream or just by sitting and sewing. No preliminary drawings, as in stream of consciousness.

  3. You took a chore so boring and made it come alive with color and happiness. Love it ! I will think of this as I sort the silverware and wish I had that stack of cups. Oh they are so fun.

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