I feel Great in my Yoga clothes

Five days a week, my father would call my mother, when he was at work and ask her if she did her sit-ups.   It wouldn’t do to have a stomach that wasn’t flat.   Of course, I had no idea until I was older, how unusual this was or what effect it had on me.

Yesterday, after getting dressed for my yoga class, not for the first time, I thought, “I feel so fat in my yoga clothes”.  But I immediately caught myself and said out loud,  “Don’t do this Maria”  and in my mind changed the word fat to Great. ” I Feel Great In My Yoga Clothes”, I repeated to myself.

And I knew I wasn’t alone in these feeling , and I knew my feelings and words were a Goddess Potholder.

I couldn’t wait to get into the studio today and make her.  It took me three tries, but then she came out just right.

This Everyday Goddess is for saleSOLD so if your interested, you can email me at [email protected] or go to CONTACT ME.  She’s $20 + $4 shipping.




8 thoughts on “I feel Great in my Yoga clothes

  1. Good Morning Maria
    I usually don’t leave a comment but I was so tickled by this pot holder. I got up early to do those blasted sit-ups but thought I’d skip it. I can live with my Pooch another day – maybe the rest of my life – My yoga clothes are comfortable but getting a little snug in the middle.

    Keep up the great artistic work.

  2. Love how you turned this around, Maria. I was having the same thing with my hair today yelling at it in my mind that I hated it. I did just as you did and said, “I love my hair.” amazing at how it looked better then. 😉

  3. I love this yoga clothes potholder; was going to buy it; looks like someone beat me to it. How about a wall art piece?

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