Izzy in Thread

The truth is I’ve been irritable and anxious all day (just ask Jon)  and now I’m tired and irritable and anxious.  So here’s Izzy  looking like the bottom of my sock in pink and orange thread .  He looks a little annoyed himself and who can blame him.

9 thoughts on “Izzy in Thread

  1. Great photo! I love it. Yes, he does look rather bothered. We’re all entitled to a bad day here and there. Pack it in. Tomorrow will be brighter Maria, You’ll see!

    Yes Maria, He does looked rather peeved. He certainly was your mirror today. It’s ok you two. We’re all entitled to a totally bad day here and there. Today was two hailstorms on my seedlings and sending off my taxes and $$ to the Gov’t. That rather sucked.
    Just pack it all in and remember that tomorrow will be brighter.I guess we can’t be in Disneyland every day. ;~)

  2. Well, at least you had proper company being irritable and anxious. You and Izzy, a shared grouchy day, both sporting errant threads. Sometimes ya just gotta love it…..

  3. I remember laughing at this picture. My beloved Jack sometimes has pink strings on his fur; his tug toy is pink/white. Looking back now, just a few weeks later it occurred to me that Izzy must not have been feeling well then. Oh, if it had only been a bad mood!

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