I feel great…. again

  I got an email from a yoga teacher this morning and it brought me such joy and so much laughter that  I thought I share it. ( especially after yesterdays post. )

After seeing my yoga potholder, she asked  me if I could make her a Streaming Wall Hanging with a figure doing the tree pose.  But she wanted to know if I could make ” her foot higher up on the thigh, not pressing on her knee, as this causes problems in the knee joint, and the standing foot forward, not off to the side?”

“Who else” I wrote back to her ” would try to correct a figure on a potholders posture, except a yoga teacher.”  How could I resist such a request?  And if it isn’t quite right, I know I’ll hear about it.

6 thoughts on “I feel great…. again

  1. Oh gosh–you are so right—and that a Yoga teacher would notice and correct it. Gee, maybe you could experiment on my potholder? Even
    if I can’t get my leg much higher than my knee?

  2. I would like to buy an everyday goddess potholder/ or streaming piece with tree pose. I am not picky about posture in art or reality and will probably get knee joint problems !!! If you could make something for me, Maria, I could buy it at your day- before- Mother’s Day Art Project in Greenwich. I bet a series of potholders in different yoga poses and colors would sell like hotcakes. (Is that an insulting suggestion…because you are an artist and not a cook?). Mary Rita.

    1. Yes, Mary, I’ll make you an everyday yoga goddess (who does her postures as best she can) and have it with me at the Mothers Day show in Greenwich. And your suggestion is not a bad idea and people can use the potholders when they’re making hotcake. And don’t worry, it takes more than confusing me with a cook to insult me.

  3. Ha ha, that is so cute, Maria! Personally, if anyone confused me with a cook I would be honored rather than insulted! I love your tree-pose goddess; her shoulders are down, eyes dropped, and she looks so centered! I’m glad you’re feeling good in your yoga clothes; I’m slowly feeling better in mine too.

  4. My Yoga flex and flow instructor is thrilled when I can balance any way besides kickstand! The message on this potholder is great – it’s how I feel when I practice yoga each week.

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