Donna Wynbrandt, an Everyday Goddess at the Pig Barn Gallery

Donna with some of her portraits

On Friday I meet Donna Wynbrandt for the first time.  I had seen her paintings in a gallery in Cambridge NY  a few months ago and fell in love with her work.

On first seeing Donna’s paintings I thought them delightful, then their  depth  began to reveal  itself.  They are completely unselfconscious, expressive, emotional and skillfully executed.  Her subject matter comes from the myths and figures of  historical art and personal experience.

One of Donna's watercolors from 2011

Donna is  a self taught artist who started  painting seriously  in the 1990’s after a family member  mentioned to her that he thought she was a good artist.  She showed me a stack of Art books that she consults for subject matter and said she also likes to sit in Stewarts (Upstate NY’s equivalent of 7-Eleven) and draw the people who come in.  The portraits are all people from her life.

Woman and dogs

Donna is one of the six artists in the next show at the Pig Barn Gallery on Bedlam Farm.  The exhibit is called The Everyday Goddess and is about the goddess in us all.  It will be on the weekend of June 23rd and 24th.  We’ll have an artists reception on Saturday the 24th and you can meet the donkeys, dogs and chickens (hopefully) too.  I’ll be writing about and showing the work of the other artists in the days leading up to the show.

So plan for a day at Bedlam Farm in June.  Depending on when we sell the Farm,  it may be the last show in the Pig Barn Gallery.

Egyptian figurine of a woman grinding wheat



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