Laughing in a Sea of Donkeys

I started making potholders for the Mother’s Day Show a few weeks ago.  This is the  first wall hanging I’ve made for the show.

When we were feeding the donkeys this morning, they all started circling me as I crouched down with them.  Jon said I was in a sea of donkeys.  The words struck.

But once in the studio I felt a small knot, like a dense, dark ball in my stomach.  My mind started wandering, going to really old  feelings of fear.  They was nothing specific, just waves of feelings that made me feel bad about myself and doubt what I was doing.

I tried to get out of my head and into the part of my body, just below my ribs, where I feel strongest.  I focused my attention there whenever the feelings arose.  I tried to put it all into this piece, what I wanted to be feeling,  not what I was feeling.

And I tried something new. I’m still not sure if those three patches of fabric scattered in the piece work,  maybe I’ll know tomorrow, when I get some distance from it.

The words are “I found myself laughing in a sea of donkeys, pull the weeds from my brain and live in my gut, turn it to sunshine, the dark stone in my stomach isn’t fear but a geode.”

The Mother’s Day Show is Saturday May 12th at Seventy Main in Greenwich NY from 10am-6pm.  For more info go to my Events page.

9 thoughts on “Laughing in a Sea of Donkeys

  1. I really like that, Maria – “…the dark stone…isn’t fear but a geode.”

    FWIW, this wall hanging is really fine. You do wonderful work – wish I were as accomplished with my own quilting.

  2. During the year that I’ve been reading your blog, Maria, I have been continually amazed that it is not seeing how the colors or the textures or the stitched drawings work together that really inspires your artistry, (as much as they obviously do) but your philosophy, the truths you have learned and continue to discover that inspire you to create such original pieces. Annie

  3. Oh Maria, I just love this wall hanging. I love how you turned that rock inside out and saw the beauty of a geode inside of it. Your art is so impressive and your words are inspiring.
    I love the donkeys and find they bring me comfort. I had a tooth pulled on Monday and every time I started to get scared or anxious I thought of Jon singing to Simon and I calmed down.
    I’d be interested in this wall hanging, but since I live in Canada I won’t be able to make it to the show…ideas?

  4. I hate when that nagging fear raises it’s ugly head. When that happens to me I tell myself to remember all the things I have accomplished. You are a gifted artist with a beautiful soul that comes through in your pieces. Love the yellow ball (sun?) being lifted up – Live in the sunshine…perfect!

  5. I have always been a big fan of your “streaming” pieces. I am looking forward to the pig show again this year. I think you know that this is what you are about – love your work. My daughter loved the potholders that I purchased for her at the South St. gallery. Keep it going! As they say … “you rock!.”

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