I Am Myself Again

It seems I keep reading about the idea that in midlife, women pick up where they left off after puberty begins.  After puberty, they often stop living for themselves and start thinking more about others.  Then, after they’ve lived the life of wife and mother, they go back to wanting to live for themselves.  Of course this is a generalization and some of us have never done the wife or mother thing and yet still find ourselves in mid-life wanted something else for ourselves.

It’s not finished yet, but I made this piece for someone who asked for a streaming wall hanging dealing with this subject,  I could have made it for myself.  I guess it’s been inside me for a while.

The words are : “Kiss myself awake I’m tired of sleeping, Answer the call of the Full Moon, Standing on the house of my heart, I Am Myself  Again.”

14 thoughts on “I Am Myself Again

  1. Maria-
    As always, you captured a part of WOMAN that resonates with many of us. I have shared a few things with you, but I probably have not told you that I retired last Oct (just before my 70th birthday) and I am still searching for being MYSELF, AGAIN! I’m not there yet, but I keep my kick-ass hiking boots on. I am also tired of sleeping.
    Great job.
    And thanks for sharing.
    Millie (the wise pie gal)

    1. I know who you are Millie and I love the idea of you in your kick-ass hiking boots!! How wonderful to still be searching, maybe it never really ends.

  2. It’s quite lovely – love the angel with braids especially and I agree about the turning back to ourselves, xo

  3. Many women as they age become new persons to those that surround them.
    It takes guts to become invigorated with life after your life has been dedicated to others in midlife. Your words, “Kiss myself awake I’m tired of sleeping, Answer the call of the Full Moon, Standing on the house of my heart, I Am Myself Again,” could help awaken those women who continue to feel that their life is for others and not themselves.
    Nice post! — barbara

  4. Maria,
    I love what you write, it always makes me want to sit down and discuss this thing with you. I’ve never read this reference to puberty but it does feel right on target. A nice place to be!


  5. Your work just knocks me out sometimes, Maria! I wonder if you realize how many of us are given voice by your feelings.

  6. AS someone who never had children, I can speak to the fact, that yes, I’ve found myself mid-life wanting something more for myself. I think it’s such a great place to be in life!

  7. Each of your streaming pieces are so unique, so powerful and so beautiful. I am fascinated by them and can just look and look….and never get tired of looking. I admire your creativity and unique vision. I am so glad you share them on this site.

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