Purple Velvet and Hot Pink

I Am Myself Again

Wow, all those great comments on my blog about this piece made me cry.  I like nothing better than to make such connections.  I just wrote to someone that I feel like an advocate for midlife and menopause.  I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled in so many ways.  But it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t kiss my self awake.

I knew this piece had to have a purple velvet border, like a Queens cape. And a touch of hot pink for the  feminine fire inside us all.

And I may have mentioned it before, but if you’re interested in reading more on the subject (the advocate in me)  pick up The Wisdom of Menopause by Christiane Northrup.  As I read it I continue to find myself saying “Oh, so that’s what’s going on.”

9 thoughts on “Purple Velvet and Hot Pink

  1. Yes. Exactly Maria! It’s like a metamorphosis, “prepare for the journey” as talked about in Susun Weed’s book (New Menopausal Years ~ The Wise Women Way) or like my friends and I like to say…a rebirth! Your last comments reminded me so much of what I’ve been reading in Weed’s book! If you haven’t read it, you should pick it up. I must say, I absolutely love this streaming pillow….every detail about it! The colors are fantastic! Everything you’ve been making lately is just really uplifting. Thank you for that.

  2. I definitely have to check that book out! Thanks for being an advocate. It is fantastic to hear someone be positive about menopause.

  3. Have read Dr. Northrup which got me thru it intact. Love this piece you created…love you Maria. You and Jon inspire me every day…seriously….thank you…

  4. I LOVE this piece, Maria! It speaks to the strength in our hearts as women. I successfully sailed to the “other side”, and wear my badge for triumphing over the rough waters. I am so much stronger and much more liberated. Is this pillow for sale, Maria?

  5. I love the velvet. And I also love dr.northrup. Have her books and listen to her radio show each week through wwwhayhouseradio.com
    So interesting we’ve been taught to fear menopause, but I choose to embrace it. And having someone like dr. Northrup to guide us I think it can be a time of celebration.

  6. Maria, it is joyous, and I love this time in my life. Sorry the pillow is sold but congrats! I will wait for another piece to speak to me. I still enjoy your potholders hanging on the hutch in my kitchen.

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