Moving in with Rocky…. and Florence?

Florence’s House April 24, 2011

I was just looking through my tiny sketch pad, the one I carry in my bag, and came across this drawing of Florence’s house from a year ago tomorrow.  It must have been one of the first times that Jon and I stopped at the house together  so Jon could take photo’s of Rocky and his newly fallen down barn.

I remember it was the clothes line that first captured my attention, but as I drew the house, I thought it just the sweetest thing.   The shallow side porch and the old wood shed and the unusual bell on the roof.  (We have since found out that Rocky will come running when he hears the bell ring).

I didn’t pay much attention to Rocky back then.  I was more interested in the life of Florence, the old woman who lived there alone. (And she was old we found out later,  103 years old.)   My whole life when I’ve thought of myself as an old lady I pictured me living and dying alone in my own house.  I guess I’ve always admired women who have been able to do that, I’m not sure why.  And I never think of it as lonely either, there seems to be something satisfying about it.

I only got to know Rocky after Florence died (I never did meet Florence) and it was on one of these trips to visit Rocky that Jon and I knew we wanted to live there.  The first time I walked into the house, I was enchanted, and knew it was home.

The house seems to want us too.  It stated working on Jon over a year ago, when he took his first photo of Rocky.  Or maybe it’s Florence that wants us there.  She’s a pretty strong presence and I have a feeling she’s not completely gone yet.

Another view of Florence’s house from March 2011

I think I made a potholder from one of these sketches.  If any one out there has one, I’d love to know.

19 thoughts on “Moving in with Rocky…. and Florence?

  1. Such a beautiful post, Maria. Somehow, it seems destined that you and Jon should live there. I hope that in the future, you will share more about the history of this house, and Florence.
    :) whose longjohns are hanging on the clothesline? I also love the way the clothesline connects the house with the barn. Can’t wait to see the potholder!

  2. I wasn’t to surprised this morning when Jon announced this was the New Bedlam Farm. For what ever reason since Florence passed away it has just clicked to mind each time something about Rocky & the farm has been posted. The real click happened when you started going to visit Rocky also. In my thoughts , it just seemed so right. You seemed to have such a peaceful smile when you spent time with Rocky. I am so very happy for all of you , it makes what my Grandmother always whispered in my ear more meaningful… “Patience is a virtue , Good things come to those who wait”. It’s universal I believe , not ment just for me , but for all. Congrats Maria , the New Bedlam Farm fits you very well.Rocky is a very lucky guy to have met you …and Jon of course !

  3. Florence living as long as she did was really amazing, I think. Her presence is still there in the house. I’m really thrilled to know that you will be Rocky’s new mother. He really has done well with you. It’s just so wonderful to see him respond to you. Maria, you really have a great gift of relating to animals.

  4. Oh Maria, that is wonderful news! So happy you and Jon have found the New Bedlam Farm. I hope it is everything you dream it will be. And so glad a wonderful old pony comes with the place! Yay for Rocky! He has no idea all the company that is heading his way.

  5. I am so happy for every single one of you !! I bet you can’t wait! You couldn’t have two sweeter souls to share your space with than Rocky and Florence.
    I enjoy being alone and have been for much of my life. I could pass on alone in my own home with my own things and so be it.
    Being alone is a far cry from being lonely for me.
    You did some mean sketching last year. How sweet you found these.
    Congrats!, Cindy

  6. You’ve scooped Jon?!!! I’m looking forward to reading as this all transpires…it feels perfect!

  7. I don’t have a pot holder but I remember well the sketch you posted. It beckoned as ‘HOME’ and soon it will be yours!(I have a clothes line between two buildings!) Blessings and long life to you both.
    I completely relate to being an old woman, departing this plane alone and being more than okay with it. Not at all lonely…just ready.

  8. I was so surprised and also excited when I read about your move to Rocky’s place. I love reading your blogs daily…they are the first thing I read when I open my mail. Florence’s home looks like a place I would love too.

  9. What wonderful news, Maria. The new Bedlam will be a magical place. I believe that Florence will rest after you move in there, when she will know that her precious homestead will be well cared for, as well as her darling horse Rocky. I can’t wait to see the new stories that unfold (and the new work that emerges from you) in the new home.

  10. Maria, I am so happy for you and Jon and all the sweet creatures of Bedlam Farm. And Rocky will no doubt love having you so close, your connection with animals is very apparent and beautiful. Many blessings to you and Jon.

  11. As I was looking at the photos Jon took of Florence’s things through the windows, I was thinking what a nice place it would be for you and Jon to move to. I am so happy for you both that you found your New Bedlam Farm. My friend Laurie has a friend that knows Florence and the house you’re moving to. What a small world it is sometimes.

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