My Dreams Are Catching Up With Me

I finished one streaming piece and started the one above  this morning.  I was so preoccupied with Izzy this week yet created 3 new pieces of work for the Mother’s Day Show in Greenwich.  I felt detached from the work and it seemed to give me more freedom.  I was less inhibited, not as concerned or self-conscious  about the end result.  I haven’t finished any of them, they all need borders and this last one needs lots more, but I was driven to get the images and words out.

Here are the rest of the unfinished pieces:

      The Mother’s Day show is a one day event at Seventy Main in Greenwich NY.  It will be on Saturday May 12th from 10am-6pm.  Jon will be giving a talk on photography and inspiration at 2pm.  For more information go to Events


14 thoughts on “My Dreams Are Catching Up With Me

  1. hi, maria – donna and i are trying to figure out how this page is set up and who can see these responses.

  2. Hi Maria – following Jon Katz’ blog eventually brought me here. I’ve loved looking at your eclectic creativity – not sure if “eclectic is the proper term for what you create, but I mean it to compliment your artistic ability.

    What are your plans for the “My Dreams Are Catching Up With Me?” Is it going to be a pillow? a quilt? Will you make more than one? How are you going to price whatever finished form it becomes?

    Thanks for reading my email and I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Maria, your work just keeps evolving and it’s beautiful. I love the purple piece (“My Dreams Are Catching Up With Me”). It sounds like you are reserving it for the show. But if you don’t, I’d love to buy it.

  4. I love “Having tea with my demon” makes me laugh and the colors are great. Would be a great conversation piece!! The Eagle person is eye catching too. My dreams are catching up with me is a great line that I have posted next to my night stand. Thanks for the inspiration. Wish I would be able to attend the Mother’s Day show.

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