Thanks for being part of the process

I finished the streaming part of My Dreams Are Catching Up With Me yesterday and will give it a border next week.  I need to get an inventory list to  Zaidee for the Mothers Day Show,  by the the end of the week.  So the work doesn’t have to be completely finished, I just have to know which pieces will be in the show.

Since making the Collage Wall Hangings I’ve started making the words in the Streaming pieces more legible.   It also has to do with me having more confidence in the words.  In the earlier pieces the words blended more with the imagery and were harder to read.  (I’ve had some complaints about that, mostly from my writer husband who can’t get enough of words, written or spoken)  I know a part of me was unsure about them, maybe they weren’t good enough, or were stupid, or weird, so I tucked them away just in case.

But now the words flow.  They come to me in dreams, in waking, when I’m reading, or walking or doing the dishes.  And I trust them.  I used to want to save some, thinking I might run out of them, but now I know the more I use them, the more words come. Like more Joy brings more Joy, more words bring more words.

And of course I know the words work because people connect to them. So thank you all for being part of the creative process.  I don’t know what it would look lie, but I do know my work would be very different with out your feedback.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for being part of the process

  1. I wasn’t that bothered by the words not looking legible. It’s almost like automatic writing if you’ve ever done that. Sometimes that isn’t legible. It’s the spirit of the thing, the piece that counts. Like imparting magic, we will all know the intent of something created. We’ll catch a vibe, or feeling.

  2. I’m enjoying these new pieces, Maria. We all have stories to tell and thoughts that roam around in our minds. To let them out in art must be cleansing.

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