Tucking in the Chickens

When it starts getting dark, Jon and I go to the barn and tuck the chickens in for the night.  This means we close the barn door and watch them as they roost.  Tonight they were already on their roosts.  Fran and Shirley Partridge snuggle up together by the window and Oprah and Freaky perch on the 2×4 in the corner.  They make delicious cooing noises while settling in.  Usually Mother or Minnie, the barn cats, come around.  Tonight it was Mother.

There’s something so satisfying about seeing the chickens safe in the barn, for the night.  I’ve never had children or even had the desire to have children,  but being around and taking care of the chickens, donkeys, dogs and cats has jump started my nurturing instincts. I still find myself holding back sometimes, afraid of loving them too much, making myself vulnerable to the inevitable loss and pain.  But I’m learning that it’s  through our vulnerabilities  that we connect to one another.  And there’s no shame in it or weakness.  I think allowing myself  to love is actually one of the bravest things I’ll ever do.

13 thoughts on “Tucking in the Chickens

  1. Thinking back to one of your recent posts, I am struck by how you are using your words… not only in your work, but here as well. This post is really beautiful.

  2. What is that saying better to have loved and lost,than to never have loved at all. That is our power as women,that we can be vulnerable and so strong all at once. I don’t think you can love them too much,it’s that love where we find our strength.

  3. Maria, what wise and vulnerable words you speak ” I think allowing myself to love is actually one of the bravest things I’ll ever do”.

    I would love to see these words on your newest work Maria, soft, and bold at the same time.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. This is a beautiful insightful blog. Not only do you share your feelings but you also touch those that can learn from your example.

  5. I like that – “delicious cooing noises”. I love to hear my chickens “trill” to themselves at the end of their day. Truly a good way to end each day, I think. It is brave to love deeply, how rich we are when we do.

  6. Such a beautiful post! The 2nd paragraph and especially the last line gave me chills. You’re a kindred spirit. Thank you for expressing so beautifully what many feel and few share with others. You are indeed brave!

  7. This was so beautiful, Maria. My grandpa lived in a mobile home park and when I’d stay with him and my grandma he would always go out each evening. He would say, i’m going to check the chickens. He never had any chickens. I understand today it was his time of likely reflection and some time to himself. I use that today when my lab goes out with my husband and like to think too,they are checking the chickens.
    I also appreciated your sharing the desire to never have the desire to have children. I’ve always felt that way too and felt shame around it till my early 40’s. No longer feel the shame and my great love, like you ,is for animals too.

    1. Beautiful Story Barbara, thank you. That’s just what checking the chickens is about. And I guess I am a fellow animal lover.

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