We’re in NYC. Just got back from dinner and seeing Death of A Salesman with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Jon and I were both speechless after it was over. (I can count how many times I’ve seen Jon speechless, this is the third time). I’m posting from my iPad so I hope I can figure out how to put a photo up. It’s 8:42 and I’m ready for bed. kinda pathetic in NYC but I’m beat. Figured out the photo but the ones I took this afternoon have disappeared. So… Here’s Lenore.


5 thoughts on “speechless

  1. I think I can understand why you were speacchless. Death of A Salesman puts a mark in ones mind that isn’t easy to shake off. A sad story. Philip Seymour Hoffman is also an actor that doesn’t give the audience the chanse to be infifferent. (my English seem to have taken a holiday and I can’t find the right words without the dictionary. So I hope I have chosen understandable words)

  2. To me, Lenore is just as good a picture as any New York picture.
    Glad you are enjoying yourselves.


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