Turn it to Sunshine

Detail from Laughing in a Sea of Donkeys

I made this streaming piece for the Mother’s Day show (This weekend from 10- 6 at Seventy Main in Greenwich NY, sorry, but I’ve  just got to plug the show) but Holly emailed me why it was just right for her and I just couldn’t resist her.  This happens sometimes, what can I say. Anyway I was so glad to get this photo from Holly yesterday.  I forget what I write after it’s done and seeing these words in the yellow “sun”  just made me feel good.  It was a reminder to me that I always have a choice about how I think about something.

8 thoughts on “Turn it to Sunshine

  1. Hi Maria
    Just a thought on cataloging your work…. I buy quilts from a lady on Rt 1, midcoast Maine and she has albums of her quilts. After she finishes a project, she takes a photo of it. Then when she sells it, she notes the date and buyer on the back of the photo and adds to her album. It amazes me when she pulls out an album and finds a quilt we bought 4 or 5 years ago. The quilts are all beautiful and well made and I think she enjoys just looking at the past projects now and then.
    PS A great day to show a sun ! Weather here has been rainy most of May….

  2. I love your potholders, may I ask what they sell for. So sorry about about Izzy, I read all of Jon’s books, he is a “awesome” writer. Loving animals and especially dogs is what I am about, they love you so unconditionally, I adopt all of my little ones.

    Love both of your sites, and God bless you both.

  3. I make potholders, baby quilts, matching sets of towels & potholders,
    table runners, pillows, Appalachian Dolls, Log Cabin Pieced Chicken pin cushions, Wishing Owls, Casserole Carriers, + other items. I was
    impressed upon seeing your beautifully stitched “Sunshine.” Great inspiring slogans.

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