Morning Chickens

I love watching the chickens plop out of the chicken/cat door in the morning.  So I thought I’d share it with you all.  Once out of the barn they waddle under the fence and over to the bird feeder where Jon throws them some special chicken meal.  It’s true, they are a bit spoiled.  And I think Freaky, the Swedish Flower Hen may be a rooster?  He/She (?)  keeps jumping on the other chickens.

14 thoughts on “Morning Chickens

  1. Chickens are so much fun to watch. When I saw Jons post with the picture of the four of them on the roost… I said to myself “that one is a rooster!” lol! Yes, I think Freaky is a Rooster! 🙂

  2. The chickens are so beautiful – I love them and want some of my own but living in the middle of a busy city isn’t condusive to having chickens! Some day!! 🙂

  3. That is cute! You can see that it’s a routine for them. They seem very confident about going under that fence; have the foxes moved out of their “nursery den” yet?

  4. Oh, Maria, how WONDERFUL that your care/caring brought Fran along to this—not only being cured, but independent!!!

  5. Glad the foxes and the Bedlam crowd have learned to cohabitate peacefully! Funny about Freaky, of course he had you confused, he’s the classic cross-dresser, Mr./Ms. Flamboyant! And charming Fran, so sweet to see she has regained enough confidence to take the lead.

    The pic of Rocky and you on Sunday morning (Jon’s blog) is lovely; the boy is lookin’ good in his summer coat. What a sweetheart. I think he has many of the same charms as the older dogs I can’t seem to resist adopting. They connect emotionally and learn the household routines so quickly, and seem so happy and appreciative when given the most basic care and affection.

    Enjoy your art show! and Happy Spring, finally here in the NW as well.

  6. Loved this video of the chickens emerging through the door and so funny how they minute they are under the gate they run fast….I love their clucking sounds. Hope you get a rooster on the new Bedlam Farm…they are so wonderful to hear……

  7. Yup, Maria, that chicken ain’t no hen! 🙂 We found that out a few times when we lived in Texas and got chicks. Even the experts make mistakes. 🙂 Enjoy your new boy. Roosters are fun too, if they don’t attack you. 🙂

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