Bartleby Notecard Give-a-way

Bartleby Notecards

I thought I’d start the Anointing The Goddess notecard give-a-way with the Bartleby notecards.  Bartleby’s mother is definitely a Bedlam Farm Goddess.

For those of you who don’t remember the story, Bartleby, the lamb was unexpectedly born on Bedlam Farm 2 years ago.  His mother and the rest of the sheep were here for the summer from Vermont to graze.  Daryl, the Vermont farmer thought all the sheep had already given birth.  But one morning Jon and I woke up to the sound of a lamb.  Jon recognized the crying immediately as did Rose.  I ran to the pasture and found this tiny black lamb calling for his mother.  She didn’t want to nurse him at first, but with Rose’s help we got them together again.

So if you’d like to win a free pack of Bartleby notecards, just write a comment saying so and Wednesday morning I’ll announce the randomly picked winner.  

All the notecards are signed by Jon and tell the story of Bartleby on the back of each card.

If you don’t win and would still like a pack of notecards you can to to Current Pieces for Sale and order a pack. They are $15 + $5 shipping. Also, all the notecards will also be available at the next and last show at the Pig Barn Gallery June 23rd and 24th.

43 thoughts on “Bartleby Notecard Give-a-way

  1. i would be LOVE to win the Bartleby note cards..I so remember when he was born, thanks to Jon’s impeccable journalism. marjorie

  2. Awww, Bartleby. He was such a cutie. Yes, please put me in for the drawing. Thanks for doing this!


  3. You need to post these along with your other works on Facebook so we can “like” or “share.” I have friends who read the Bedlam family of blogs regularly.

  4. I’d love to win any if the notecards. I remember how you all worked to save the little blacklamb.

  5. Would love these!!! remember the story well… maybe there’ll be a new little Bartleby this year??? — Anne

  6. Well, who wouldn’t want to win a set of Jon’s note cards? Also, I wanted to wish you the best with the pig barn sale. Wish I could come.

  7. I would love to win the Bartleby notecards. I remember his birth and death. He was a beautiful lamb. I have followed the Bedlam Farm blog since its beginning and yours after you joined the family. Every animal won a place in my heart.

  8. Hi Maria, I would be absolutely thrilled to win this set of notecards. Keeping my fingers crossed! Barbara

  9. Of course I would love to win! I enjoy writing letters to my friends, and Jon’s cards are way better than “Hallmark”! :)

  10. I’d love to have a pack of Bartleby note cards. I have admired Jon’s photography since he first posted it. In fact, you chose Bartleby’s name, didn’t you? Thank you and Jon for two entertaining and refreshingly honest blogs that have become an important part of my daily routine. Peg

  11. Hi Maria! I do remember Bartleby very well and what a surprize his arrival was. He was such a pretty lamb and it was so sad his life was so short. The notecards are such a nice way to remember him and I would be so happy if I was able to win these! Thank you for doing the give-a-ways!

  12. Thanks for a great giveaway, I helped with lambing for my neighbors small Shetland sheep flock this year, and also began reading Bedlam Farm & Full Moon Fiber blogs, so would love to win the Bartleby notecards as a great reminder of this past spring. Thanks, Hannah, Upstate New York

  13. It would be lovely to win a pack of bartleby’s notecards. I followed his story very closely.

  14. Bartleby was such a cute lamb, but what lamb isn’t. I can’t believe that was two years ago! Would love the note cards of Bartleby.

  15. Dear Maria,

    I have been out of the loop lately – life takes us away from our daily pleasures sometimes LOL! I remember reading Jon’s posts about Bartleby’s arrival and escapades! I of course always share the blogs with Katie and when Jon’s first children’s book came out I took Katie and Jon gave her a Bartleby card! She was overjoyed! Although, she still asked, “WHEN are you going to write a story about the barn cats?!!” So, if I were to be your random winner I would of course pass the cards along to Katie!

    Love & Peace,

  16. oh yes maria i would love to be put into the running for a chance to win the little baa baa black sheep cards. dark colored sheep are my favorite.

  17. hi there – would love to win the notecards –

    also want to say that i enjoy your blog – i also enjoy your potholders as well as the pillow that i purchased – i am looking forward to hearing about your new home also

  18. I am recovering at home from hip replacement surgery. My surgery was May 9 and it has been a pretty tough slough because a nurse let my IV site get infected. At last I’m home, on the mend, and cards of Bartleby (signed by Jon) would make my recovery complete. I’ve followed Jon’s work for many years. I am delighted by Maria’s goddess work because I consider myself a goddess. I would love to have a piece of Maria’s work but here in Texas it is hard for me to get to your art shows. I think the very best pieces probably sell there. waa, waa waa (those are the percoset tears :))

    Side note: About 3 years ago, Jon came to Austin to read at the Texas Book Festival. I was in the audience and during question and answer time I asked him about his feelings on getting another dog when your beloved had passed away and left you and your second dog adrift. He said, “If you want another dog, get it. It has nothing to do with the surviving dog’s grief.” Basically, I interpreted this as “Follow your heart.” I went that day to the animal shelter and adopted a little stray who’s ears perked up when she heard my voice. Her name is now Darcy and she has made my life and Claire’s (my Lab. Retriever) life infinitely better. Such great advice to do something I wanted to do anyway.

    Much love to you both. You inspire me to follow my dreams and find my bliss. But right now, I’m going to find my bed and have a lie-down.

    Cindy DuBois
    Austin, Texas

  19. Who wouldn’t want to win photo notecards. As I get older, I have more friends who might be sick, who are in nursing homes, etc. and I find that a piece of REAL mail cheers them. And I know a photo of Bartleby would cheer them more.

  20. Dear Maria, It would be really nice to win the notecards. Thank you for the opportunity to try. Susan

  21. It would be great fun to win the postcards….I keep up with you all via Jon’s website….anxious to hear when the move to the New Bedlam Farm will happen…

    thanks for the chance to win !

  22. Your work makes me feel good after a long day of work and inspires me to be a better person and to be strong in this beautiful world!!!

  23. These are such lovely note cards featuring a beautiful subject. It would make me very happy to own them. Thank you.

  24. Hi Maria, I would also love to win these cards….I love what both you and your husband write and share and you give so many of us such great inspiration to live our lives to the fullest! Thanks for all!!!

  25. I would just love to win the sweet cards. I am a huge fan of Jon Katz and sometimes feel I am a part of Bedlam Farm. You are so sweet with the animals, Maria. You and I must share similar DNA. I LOVE Jon’s daily blog and all the beautiful pictures.

  26. I love all your work and hope to be able to buy some someday…until then I would love the notecards.

  27. what a pleasure it would be to actually write a note on a fairy note card…. i’m forgetting how to make my fingers get into cursive mode… too much e-mailing!

  28. The minute I set eyes on the photo note cards of Bentley, I was a very little girl again being read to by my mom, “So Dear to My Heart”a Little Golden Book about an orphaned black lamb who is saved somehow by someone…can’t remember more. Very fond memory. Lovely pictures.

  29. Little Black Lamb-so lucky to be born on The Katz Farm,where all are allowed to grow and live and be just what they are meant to be……..

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