Winner of the Bartlby Notecards

Susan Morrison is the winner of Jon’s  Bartleby Notecards.  Congratulations Susan!

I’ll be having another notecard give-a-way on Thursday so if you didn’t win this time, there’s always next time.

And remember if you’d like to buy a pack of the Bartleby notecards got to Pieces for Sale or come to the last show at the Pig Barn Gallery on June 23+24.

7 thoughts on “Winner of the Bartlby Notecards

  1. Maria: Lost one note to you already. How do I enter for the card give away? I am battling cancer just now – found out about 6 weeks ago – and the cards would be used as Thank You cards. I use the Rose card you sent me to watch how to “Get the job done” – she is guarding Bartleby and his Mom in my pic. Getting the job done is big in my life just now – I am very positive and there is no way but moving forward with a smile and love of my life!
    Maria, have you ever thought of streaming aprons? I would like a simple BBQ style apron with streaming on the bib part. You might come up with a goddess hoeing, as I am in the midst of a rocky row to hoe. If you are not interested, I understand. I don’t use my beautiful pot holder, but I know I would use an apron. Just something to think about. I know you are busy with your move, so the fall would be okay with me.
    Good luck to you and Jon, as you “Hoe Your Own Row.”


    1. Hey Peg, I”m doing another card give a way on Thursday. I don’t know how to make an apron, it’s not a form that interests me, but I love your words, Hoe Your Own Row! Take care of yourself, wishing you all the best.

  2. Dear Maria,

    Thank you very much- it is really appreciated. You are very kind & thoughtful.


  3. Hi Maria,
    I started following your and Jons blogs since April 21st when my beloved Brinkley passed away. Ive been following everyday since then and find your blogs so inspirational and its really a great way to start my mornings, so Thank You. Love the tattoos!!!!

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