Bedlam Farm Fairy Notecard Give-a-way… Extended till Sunday

New Notecard Give-a-way.  This time it’s the Bedlam Farm Fairy notecards.  Just leave a comment on my blog saying something about the notecards and you’ll be entered in the contest to win a free pack of Bedlam Farm Fairy notecards.

My site has been down all day today (Friday) because of a problem with the server.  So I’m extending the contest another day.   Now, Jon will pick the winner at random and I’ll announce the winner on Sunday at 4pm.

Do you know the story of the Bedlam Farm Fairy?  It goes like this:

“One day, Fanny the donkey had a sore leg.  She was in pain.  That afternoon, I went out to the barn to check on her, and there was a Barn Fairy, Nikolene. She had brought a farrier.  He pulled a pebble out of Fanny’s hoof.  The Barn Fairy kissed Fanny and her sister Lulu too.  She smiled, and then waved her wand and danced in the barn.  Fanny is well now.  The Barn Fairy comes to visit Bedlam Farm often, and whenever she leaves, there is a pink glow in the big barn.”

And don’t forget if you don’t win the notecards you can buy them and others on my Current Pieces for Sale page or at the last Pig Barn Show  at Bedlam Farm Anointing the Goddess on June 23rd and 24th.

85 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Fairy Notecard Give-a-way… Extended till Sunday

  1. The Universe is magical. You see the magic in nature and it is expressed through you and your photos. I love what you bring to your website, your pictures and your notecard. Marie keep doing what you do the energy you bring to your art work is unique. And you are certainly are a positive energy in all that is around you, like Jon.
    peace to all

  2. Because there are times that my days all seem to run together, I need some whimsy to keep life fresh. Please allow me to be included in the drawing for the Barn Fairy notecards for my daily dose of whimsy. Thank you.

  3. WAHOO! Love the barn fairy note cards — the photos are awesome and so is Miss Nikolene. Next time she visits, could you please ask her to send a barn fairy to Sweetgrass Ranch in Oregon? Perhaps she could bestow our farrier, Scott Norgaard, with a fairy of his own? Many thanks in advance! Sue

  4. How beautiful the Barn Fairy, Nikolene, is! The story and pictures capture true emotion. I look forward to her visiting and healing any of our animals that may require her special touch on my farm in Ohio. I will look for her “pink” glow and know she has been there!

  5. I don’t think I’ve seen a more lovely fairy! These note cards would be a lovely addition to my FAIRY collection! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  6. I had purchased these cards before and sent them out to friends. Now my garden club is having a Fairy House exibit at our local Museum. I would love to have them to integrate them into the exibit.

  7. The innocence and grace of a child teaches us that the world is a beautiful place and there is still hope that love and purity will prevail over ugliness and greed.

  8. I love the Bedlam Farm Fairy! She reminds me of our daughters (really hope that they will have a farm of their own to “enchant” someday! :))! Thank you for doing this wonderful giveaway!! :)

  9. I have thoroughly enjoyed your site as well as the Bedlam Farm journal that Jon writes. I feel a special connection to all the animals of Bedlam Farm and Rocky too! Thanks to you both for sharing your life and stories to those of us who truly enjoy hearing from a good friend.

  10. i believed in fairies when I was a young. I had a skeleton key and believed I could unlock the door to fairyland. I tried sticking and tur.ning it in every nook and cranny I could find. Maybe a donkey was the transport, but I believed and still do.

  11. Charming……what a lovely way to send out a note of encouragement to someone in need of cheering up

  12. Every farm may have a fairy, but few fairies are as self-assured and confident as your glowing Bedlam Farm Fairy. Thank you to you and Jon for your blogs and open hearts.

  13. Imagination, affection, freedom–Bedlam Farm Fairy is a wonderful reminder. Would love to use the notecards to send a few long-overdue thank-you notes.

  14. I’ve seen barn fairies before but mine are now grown and don’t appear in the same form. We are expecting our first grandchild in Oct. an I expect to see wings appearing soon afterwards.

    Would love to have a Barn fairy card. One of my favorites.

    Thank you for sharing your moments.

  15. These notecards are beautiful! Looking at them would brighten anyone’s day. Nikolene is charming fairy — so perfect for the role. I really enjoy my daily multiple visits to Jon’s site for a sometimes much needed attitude adjustment. Thanks to you both for sharing your creativity!

  16. Hi Maria! These are such beautiful photos and the story is absolutely lovely! I love the work that you do! Take care, Susan :D ♥

  17. I love these cards…I have a fairy princess granddaughter. I wish she could have the chance to be a “farm princess” but I doubt that will happen. I enjoy reading of your triumphs and pitfalls as well as Jenna’s adventures. Keep on keeping on!

  18. The cards are beautiful and I love the story of Nikolene. I believe, some of her sisters visit us here in Florida from time to time.

  19. I have never blogged before, but am in ful awe of what Bedlam farms has offered me every am of this year! I do believe in magical, wonderful, childlike faries and they live in my garden all year. My grandchildren play with them often! Thanks for your wonderful additon to my life!

  20. Please count me in with the note card drawing. I’ve been enjoying your blog and have sent it to my mom, who’s a fiber artist and losing her eyesight.

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