Winner and New Contest

  Sandy Morgan is the winner of the Bedlam Farm Fairy notecards!  Congratulations Susan.  And thank you to everyone who entered and don’t give up hope, there’s a new contest starting today:

Doors and Windows Notecards by Jon Katz

Doorways and windows are the iconic imagery of feminist art. A place the goddess knows well.  Win a pack of Jon’s Doors and Windows notecards.  Once again just comment on my blog and I’ll pick a winner at random on Friday May 30th at 4pm.

Each card is signed by Jon and has his message about Doors and Windows on the back:

“Doors and windows are about passages and perspective and they evoke the relentless movement of light and passage of time, and, for me, they whisper of memory and hope. And love.”

If you didn’t win a pack of note cards but would like to purchase them got to Current pieces for sale or you can buy them at the last show at the Pig Barn Gallery Anointing the Goddess on June 23rd and 24th.


59 thoughts on “Winner and New Contest

  1. Thanks for another great giveaway, please enter me into the prize draw to win this beautiful set of notecards. Hannah

  2. PS ‘comment’ timing wrong for me too, I wrote it at 11.10pm on 5/30, but it’s just showed up saying it was written at 3.10am, on 5/31? who knew I was capable of time travel!

  3. Would love to win these notecards. Alaska holds such beauty and wish we could share it with you and Jon as you’ve shared your beauty with us!

  4. Please enter me in the Doors & WIndows contest!
    Thanks, Maria.

    And, BTW, I love the stuffed 3 dimensional edging on one of your pieces….keep up that creativity, girl!

  5. Please enter me in competition draw. If I’m the winner can I have ‘Dogs of Bedlam Farm’ notecards instead? 🙂

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