A Soft Frame

Remember this piece, it was one I thought didn’t work out and I remade it.  Well someone wrote to me and said she might be interested in it if I was selling it.  So last week I thought I’d try to finish it off.  I was going through my fabric looking for colors that would work, and this piece of wool that I had popped into my mind.  I fished it out of my “wool” box ( a cardboard box with scraps of wool in it) and laid it next to the piece.  And I immediately saw it, not as a flat border (which is what I always have done) but as a soft 3 dimensional frame.  I hadn’t been thinking of doing something different, it’s just what I saw in my mind.

So I figured out how to do it, leaving openings for the  stuffing on each side, and hand stitching them closed.  It was just perfect.  for bringing attention to the streaming part of the piece and adding dimension.  It’s a soft frame, like one of Claes Oldenburg’s soft sculptures from the 60’s . (except not as big)  I’m in the middle of making streaming pillows for the show, but I can’t wait to make more wall hangings, with my new soft frames.

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14 thoughts on “A Soft Frame

  1. I love that you referenced Claes Oldenburg here. I think it is very important to credit your influences and to share how your mind works as an artist.

    Your new frames should be a big hit!

  2. Love your new idea for soft, wool frames! The streaming pillows sound wonderful, too. Good news for Roger and me – we WILL be able to make the Pig Barn show on 6/23. We’re thrilled we can come. Thank you and Jon for doing this. Look forward to seeing all the new work each artist will exhibit – and to perhaps bringing some items home with us.


  3. I love your work..I have some of your potholders…looking forward to your move to the NBF and reading about all the adventures and challenges you face and overcome as you and Jon make it yours.


  4. Maria, I just bought my first sewing machine and I have to admit you inspired me a little. I’ve never thought of myself as a sewer but always wished I knew how. Seeing all of the expressive creations that come out of your work have inspired me to try something new. I hemmed my first pair of pants a few weeks ago!
    Thanks for the inpsiration.

  5. I love the emotion in your work. It’s as if each piece is an extension of yourself and your growth.I don’t believe in coincidences. In 2008 I was staying with friends, and ran across Jon’s books. I was going through a difficult time, and I can’t tell you how much Jon’s books, then blog, then photography, then your art have helped me in the past 4 years. I began writing poetry again!
    Good luck in your move to the new farm. I can’t wait to read about it on your blogs.

  6. Excellent! Like the frame idea. Can’t wait for the show. We’re hitting the Parrothead Festival on Saturday but will be at the farm on Sunday. Jimmy Buffet and Bedlam Farm – what an excellent weekend it will be.

  7. You might well add to your list of qualifications, your resume, your card – “Inspiriation”.

  8. Seeing what you do, has given me the bug to once again get back to sewing. told My granddaughter I’d be willing to sew her 1st communion dress for next year if we can’t find one reasonably priced or a a thrift store. she looked at me like I was crazy then her jaw dropped when I told her I had sewn my wedding dress when I married her Papa Butch!And then she asked if I had done my dress when I married Papa Jim, no sweetness that dress jumped into my hands when I was browsing to see what the store had and it was just PURFECT and made me feel like a princess having found her prince charming.
    I love john’s photos so I’d love a chance to win a set!Read both you blogs every day.

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