Winner of Door and Windows

  Congratulations Joan Wickman, winner of the Doors and  Windows notecards!

And now for the next give-a-way.  This one will run through Tuesday, I’ll announce the winner at 4pm.

Big Barn notecards by Jon Katz

These are Jon’s Big Barn notecards.  Images of the old dairy barn on Bedlam Farm in different seasons and different times of day.  Jon wrote about the barn and his words are printed on the back of each card.  Each card is also signed.

“The Big Barn is the oldest building on Bedlam Farm, built before the Civil War.  It has an indoor silo, which is unusual, and there were cows downstairs and hay upstairs.  The exterior of the barn has been rebuilt – it was nearly toppling over when I came to the farm – but the original windows and roof remain.  My wish for the photos is to capture the sense of change, and the seasons.  And also of permanence, which is what the dignified old building is about.”

So of you like a chance to win a free pack of Big Barn notecards, once again, just leave me a comment and you’ll be entered into the drawing.  I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday at 4pm.

If you’d like to purchase any of Jon notecards go to Pieces for Sale or email me at [email protected].

I also have some of Jon’s photos for sale that will be at the Anointing the Goddess show in June.  See them here.




23 thoughts on “Winner of Door and Windows

  1. These notecards are lovely. I don’t have this series and would love a chance at winning them.
    We’re trying to be able to make your show!
    Cindy and Ron

  2. My goodness – am I the first to write a comment? I would love to be the winner of Jon’s Big Barn note cards. Thanks for the opportunity. I sure wish I lived closer to attend the Anointing the Goddess show. Both of your blog’s inspire me and I look forward to them every day. Thanks again.

  3. I live in So California and we don’t have old buildings/barns like they do in the east. I just love to look at them

  4. I’ve been a fan of Jon’s Big Barn photographs for years. A few years ago I purchased a print of my favorite, the Big Barn in a snowstorm, and had it framed as a gift to my husband. The series of photographs in the pack you’re offering are just beautiful. There’s something about the passage of the seasons and the endurance of the barn that touches me. So, please, toss my hat into the ring for the give-away. And thanks for posting the pictures of the barn.

  5. Beautiful and each so unique although they are of the same barn window. Jon’s photos have made me appreciate taking pictures of “untraditional” subjects.

  6. Oh yes, put me in the running for these note cards. Would love to have them. I have an idea for a barn quilt that I hope to do one day. Someone gave me some barn photos that were transferred to fabric so I hope to use them in the quilt. Sorry to say I don’t have a barn anymore but I sure do remember them … and the “perfume” they produce. Good luck with you last Pig Barn sale.

  7. Thanks for the chance to win! Reminds me of Grandpa’s barn in Iowa when I was growing up a long time ago but always close to my heart.

  8. Love the lighting and the feelings evoked from these photos.
    How could I be the only one commenting so far for the chance to own these notecards?

  9. These big barn photos are some of my favorites. Especially the fall photo. Thanks for offering them. 🙂

  10. Mara, I would love a chance to win these cards!! My husband, Paul, has a fascination with old barns…he’s a history teacher…and when we see one, we take a picture, and then wonder who built it, where are they now, and usually, why isn’t it being used; just being left there to eventually collapse. Farms don’t seem to be the same, the family farm, too commercialized. Sad to me. I love that you got the blue lamp that belonged to Florence, I love cobalt, and it will be a light shining in remembrance of the fine woman who so cared for Rocky. I’m excited for you and Jon and for your next adventure!!!

  11. Barns…they are all different shapes and colors…I love to look at barns while driving down a country road.

  12. Beautiful cards – always was curious about the silo inside the barn – one of the features Jon blogged about some time ago.

  13. We once owned a 1700’s center-chimney colonial with a post-and-beam barn. When I stepped into the barn, I felt I was entering another, greater world. I called it my cathedral and felt a peaceful presence within. I miss that barn.

  14. I would love to win the flower cards, Jon’s photos brighten my day! And I have been so impressed with how your art has expanded, love the Goddess pieces! Sue Martin

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