My New Studio

My new studio (beautiful photo by Jon)

This afternoon, I went inside my new studio for the first time.  Well, it’s not really mine yet, but it will be as soon as we buy Florence’s house at the end of July.  Until today, the building that will be my studio, was so  filled with furniture and stuff, you couldn’t even walk into it.     There was actually  the wood paneling and bars that made up the tellers windows from an old bank  inside it.  This and almost everything else was removed from my studio and Florence’s house and barn, and auctioned off on the premises today.  It was strange being there with hundreds of people walking through the house and I was feeling territorial, protective of the place.  I was so uncomfortable I fled to the back of the barn to be with Rocky.  He seemed a bit nervous himself, circling around and not standing still long enough for me to brush him.  So I waited and soon he came to me and we stood for about a half hour.  Me stroking his neck and back, calming us both.

Once the auction started Jon was off taking pictures and I stood in the back , next to the giant birch tree with Florence’s Granddaughter.  Needless to say, the whole thing was  was even stranger for her than for me.   Jon got his blue lamp and we also bought a painting of waterlilies that was done by Florence’s sister (or sister-in-law, not quite sure which, it is a family of artists).

We left around 2:30 thinking we got what we wanted but it didn’t feel right being home, we wanted to be at the new house. So we went back and that’s when Florence’s Granddaughter told us that, the building that would be my studio, was mostly cleaned out and we could go inside.

I had peeked in the windows, so I had an idea of what it looked like, but walking through the doorway for the first time, well, it felt very familiar.  The walls are paneled with wainscot, the wood, dark with age, but the space  didn’t seem dark.  I could see how bright it would be once I  took the curtains off the four big windows on the south side and put in ceiling lights.  The space was simply mine.  Was it so familiar because I would spend so much time there?  My mind went to what I needed to do to make it habitable,  Insulation, a ceiling, heat and electricity, but my body was experiencing the feeling of belonging.

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  1. Hi Maria, My husband and I bought our house from an elderly women who died just before our closing. Her family held an estate sale and I felt very territorial as people walked through “my house”. I also got a lamp from the estate and a few other items. My lamp has sat next to my bed for the last 34 years and someday someone may buy it from our estate sale if no one in the family wants it. Kind of a funny thought! Happy for Rocky you were there to keep him company, it must have been a bit strange for him to have so many voices and strange noises going on. I love the pictures of you and the animals that Jon takes. They are so special. Your new studio looks very interesting, looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Best of wishes on your move.

  2. What a great story. It must have been rather surreal.Another testament to the power of our animal friends. :))
    Enjoy this exciting time, Cindy

  3. I believe Florence would have been honoured that you are moving there. In fact, I believe she somehow chose you.
    Every blessing for you and Jon in your New Bedlam Farm.

  4. h, Maria, I think you will be very happy in your new studio space. It looks right for you and I know you can feel that also.

  5. It’s lovely when the Universe conspires with our dreams and they come true. Many blessings to you all.

  6. What a charming little building – I can just picture you with all your beautiful materials working there and lighting it up with color. How pleased Florence would be – and may be right now! – to know you will be enjoying it and making it your own. I’m so glad also for Rocky to have a new family and to continue to be loved.

  7. I believe certain spaces speak to us. When my mom and I walked through the door of our home at the real estate open house, we KNEW this was our home. We both felt embraced by the energy there.

  8. My lamp is yellow and the glaze is very crackled. Yellow is my happy color so it spoke to me. The light bounces off the yellow so it is always glowing it seems. My husband and I fell in love with our house as soon as we stepped in through the door. We still love it as much if not more than the day we found it. We still love to turn into our street and see our house waiting for us to come home. Our house was built in 1924 and we are the 2nd owners. The pictures Jon posted today of your new house are great-can’t wait to see more.

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