Winner of the Big Barn Notecard Give-a-way

Sorry I’m late, I have no excuse, I just forgot!  Anyway,  the winner of the Big Barn Notecards is Janice N. Congratulations Janice and again, I’m sorry I’m late.

The next contest will run through  Monday and, dare I say, I’ll post the winner at 4pm.  Yes, I’ll post the winner at 4pm(or so)  Monday.

The Daily Egg notecards by Jon Katz

The next notecard give-a-way is The Daily Egg,  (Jon took these photos when we had chickens that laid eggs)  If you’d like to win a pack of these 5×7 notecards just leave me a comment and you’ll be entered in the give-a-way.  I’ll continue the  notecard give-a-way (with different notecards) until June 22nd the day before Anointing the Goddess at the Pig Barn Gallery.

34 thoughts on “Winner of the Big Barn Notecard Give-a-way

  1. Maria: I would love to enjoy Jon’s daily egg note cards. I am going through a health issue just now, and people are just so kind – a thank you note with Jon’s art on the front would be a treat to send.
    Your new home looks wonderful – love the kitchen sink!


  2. Thanks Maria, for the chance to win another beautiful set of cards, I love these egg notecards. Hannah, Upstate NY

  3. I love these photos – I used to look forward to Jon’s “Daily eggs” – in the birdbath and on the stone wall. I especially loved it when one fell off and Lenore ate it:-) xx

  4. Maria-
    I have always loved the daily egg photos. One that especially appealed to me (which is not shown) was an egg with just one tiny feather stuck to the top. It just stold a wonderful story.

  5. The notecards of the eggs remind me of when my oldest son used to show his chickens in the local 4-H club. He got his first chick when his preschool class hatched some chicks in an incubator. Of course, he had to get more at the local Agway to keep his one chick company. They were all RI Reds. He joined 4-H when he was in Kindergarten and started getting different breeds of chickens that laid different color eggs. His favorite were the Araucanas which laid green eggs. Time flies. He is almost 17 years old now. He is taking his last 2 final exams of his Junior year in high school today.

  6. always loved the daily egg. i have been musing on the wonder of life lately. from a tiny seed comes a spicy radish…the magnificent scent of a peony…and my sons. ain’t nature grand!

  7. I loved yesterday’s post about the shit-train. Made me laugh and made me realize I take myself too seriously. Would love to have these egg notecards. Looking forward to meeting you and Jon at the Pig Barn Art Show.

  8. Hi Maria,
    I have admired the Daily Egg notecards for quite awhile and I would love to win them. I sure hope everything that is going on in your life right now works out wonderful. It will — you have the right attitude.

  9. Hi Maria, I would be tickled to win The Daily Egg notecards. I love the artfulness and symbolism of them. Best wishes for your upcoming art show and farm move. Barbara

  10. Yep, put me in for the running again. Barns are great but so are eggs. PS: Love the looks of the new studio. Looks like you have a bit of work to do but then we all know you are not afraid of work!

  11. We used to have Rhode Island Reds when I was kid. I love Jon’s chicken dance pictures-would love the daily egg notecards. We really enjoy your blog.

  12. Sure would love to come to the pig barn again this year. I hope you have a wonderful time, and I know you will. Please enter my in your contest, if this is the place to do it. Many, many well wishes as you and Jon get ready to move into your wonderful new old home.

  13. I have lived w/ egg laying chickens, off and on throughout my life—-till now. Your daily egg cards remind of those times…..and make me smile. Thank you.

  14. Oh how sweet. The eggs make me think of dear Fran and how fragile life really is, they are so delicate – yet full of LIFE!

  15. Love the blast-from-the-past Daily Egg! That was the big feature on Jon’s blog when I first started reading it! I would love to have the notecards! Annie

  16. Hi Maria, What wonderful people you and Jon are. Wish I was your neighbor! You are so inspiring. Please toss my name into the ring for the next set of wonderful note cards. I check the blogs many times a day to keep up with what is going on with the farm, your move, and just everything. Love all the animals.

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