Goddesses Lunch

Kim Gifford, Joyce Zimmerman, Diane Swanson, Donna Wynbrandt and George Forss

All the artists (and George) came for lunch at the farm today.  Most of them had never met before.   I made them work before eating (Jon did the cooking again, he’s such a good man)  by showing one of their pieces and talking about their work.  I got lots of video, and will be posting it tomorrow. Here’s some of the new work each artist brought with them today.

"Lonely missing something we never knew" photo collage by Kim Gifford
"Cooper's Cave" watercolor by Diane Swanson
"Pregnant Woman with Mythic goings-on" watercolor by Donna Wynbrandt
"Woman on a Cross" 3-d collage by Joyce Zimmerman

Jon and I had to leave to meet the septic inspector at the new house and George and Donna stayed behind so George could photograph the view from the farm.  When we got home I found this on our table…

Thank-you note from Donna featuring Freaky the Rooster


5 thoughts on “Goddesses Lunch

  1. Maria, I am assuming that these artists are going to have pieces in your show? What a choice you’re offering! Wish I could be there in more than spirit. Someday….someday….

  2. you are such a beautiful person Maria, I know you did all you could for Fran, she was such a little trooper 🙁 I’ll always remember the Fran and Meg series, enjoyable !

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