Daily Egg notecard Winner…..

Elisabeth is the winner of the Daily Egg notecards. Congratulations!  Elisabeth.

If you didn’t win, don’t give up hope, the next give-a-way is Jon’s series Flowers and Light.

Flowers and Light

Jon wrote that what attracted him to the flowers  “was the emotion and the light…these flowers seemed radiant, hopeful, bristling with emotion.  They seemed to be calling out to me, whispering to me that life is good…telling their stories, flaming out in a burst of color before they faded.”

If you’d like a chance to win a pack of the Jon’s Flowers and Light notecards, just leave a comment on my blog.  I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday at 4pm.

And don’t forget, there will be more give-a-ways through next week ending at the Anointing the Goddess Show. (where you can see and buy any of Jon’s notecards and lots of other good art).

37 thoughts on “Daily Egg notecard Winner…..

  1. His flower photography is some of my favorite. I often make one of his photos the background on my desktop.

  2. Maria – These note cards are so heartwarming. I would be pleased to win a pack of them. P.S. Your new sheep are quite lovely. Something more to love!

  3. Just gorgeous, these images. I can imagine sending them to dear friends, far away, through the tried and trusty USPS.

    Please enter me in the giveaway, and thank you!

  4. Just hoping I might win the note cards. I always imagine doing them in a collage for a particular room, Light and Flowers, our dining room once it’s completed. Thank you for giving us this chance!

  5. beautiful flowers – i have a pack of these notecards and so enjoy sending them to a friend – i would love to win a pack of them and be able to continue to share them

  6. I am an avid gardner and flowers make me feel good. And sending them to others would make me feel even better.

  7. Tried for the barn cards; tried for the egg cards; so of course I will put my name in for the flower cards. Aren’t they lovely? You bet! (Wanted to wish you luck with your new sheep. I am excited to see what the wool/yarn will look like. Guess it will be a while though before that happens. I’ll wait!)

  8. This is an incredible collection! I would love to win these!
    BTW, I really like the name “Tess” for the new ewe; she’s a strong presence, isn’t she! Have a great show this weekend!

  9. Please enter me for the Flowers and Light cards giveaway. I love these pictures. Good luck with your Anointing the Goddess Show. I love your new sheep:-)

  10. Maria, I would like a chance at winning a pack of Jon’s Flowers and Light notecards. Thanks and enjoy, marjorie

  11. Maria, Thank you for your generous and lovely give-aways…so generous and fun! Jon’s photographs are other-worldly and profoundly beautiful. As an artist who is a color-hound, I so appreciate not only his love of color, but yours as well. There is just something so delicious and nutritious about intense color and nature seems to provide us with ample opportunities to enjoy such beauty!

  12. Jon’s photos of flowers are truly extraordinary, and I’d love to have some of them! Thank you Maria for this opportunity!

  13. Jon captures flowers and light like he’s been anointed by Mother Nature to represent her. I love what he sees through that camera lens, and love what we get to enjoy as he has captured it. Thanks for this, Maria.

  14. Dear Maria-
    A comment complete irrelevant to this post but, since you hadn’t posted today(June 12th) I wanted to wish you and Jon a very happy anniversary. Only 46 more years before you catch up with me and my wonderful husband:-)

  15. I adore these cards! I’m a color junkie and would love to win these Maria. The sheep sound to be bringing you great happiness. Awesome. You deserve it. Dreams do come true. 🙂

  16. Jon’s flower photos have inspired me to be adventurous with my camera. I get some amazing shots wtih the point and shoot Canon. Love Jon’s work!

  17. I cherish the sight and smell of flowers…they lift my soul and make me happy to be alive in this beautiful place we live!

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