ooh ooh Potholder


ooh ooh potholder

Along with Everyday Goddess Potholders, I made a bunch of potholders from an old quilted pillow cover for the Anointing the Goddess Show.  Mary Muncil gave me the pillow cover, made up of small squares, of strips of fabric.  Maybe from the 1940’s?  I cut out the squares then worked my fabrics around them to make potholders.  It’s really a collaborative piece, me and this unknown (most likely) woman from the past.  We connected on the colors and patterns and Mary ( who will be at Anointing the Goddess on Saturday  June 23rd around 12 noon for any of you who would like to meet her)  brought us together.

There are some days where images fill my mind  and  words elude me.   Today was like that,  the colors and patterns came together, a familiar language.  I scanned the pillow cover choosing the patch that appealed to me at the moment and when I cut out the yellow one above, making sure I got a piece of the red, white, yellow and blue fabric that was next to it, I could feel it like something  caught in my throat.  And when I laid the last two colors down, the hospital green and gold, the sound ooh ooh came out of my mouth. I squinted my eyes and shook my head, those colors went right to my gut.

So, you see, this potholder is pretty special to me.    I thought of keeping it for myself, but I have a draw full of potholders (all my mistakes, and there are a lot).   I thought someone should have it that feels the way I do about it.  Even though I made it for the show, if there’s anyone out there who looks at this potholder and finds themselves uttering ooh ooh and would like to buy it (It’s $15 including shipping)  just email me and let me know.  Otherwise I’ll sell it at the Goddess Show next weekend.  Or maybe I will keep it for myself.


One thought on “ooh ooh Potholder

  1. I love it when the pieces fall into place so easily.
    What I find hard to believe is that you have a drawer full of mistakes. I’m sure your ‘mistakes’ look pretty amazing too…

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