Outsider Artist, Donna Wynbrandt’s Wonderous World

Donna Wynbrandt and some of her paintings

This afternoon I picked up Donna’s work  for the show in the Pig Barn Gallery, next weekend (oh, it’s getting close!).  I know I chose too many of her pieces, but I just couldn’t help it, I love them all.

Her paintings range in size from 22″x40″ portraits  to 4″x 5″ cards.  Donna is an Outsider Artist, meaning she is untrained and working outside of the traditional art world. An Outsider Artist’s work often comes from a religious experience, a personal tragedy or mental illness.  I love Donna’s work because  it deals with darkness of the real world with, wonder, beauty and sense of hope and humor.    Although her forms are abstracted, Donna captures the essence of what ever it is she is painting through expressions and body language. She often uses  words which are descriptive as well as part of the imagery.  Her paintings seem to dance with line and color.  They are joyful and they allow us to see the  world through truly unique eyes. Donna has a new blog, just 2 days old.  Have a look at donnawynbrandt.com.  In the video you can see Donna talk about her work.

5 thoughts on “Outsider Artist, Donna Wynbrandt’s Wonderous World

  1. maria, i love it and what a great editor you are in the video department. I really do mumble a lot. I try to say a lot in about ten seconds flat, or so i reflect as i look at the video. And did i have a stroke that only one side of my mouth works at forming words? (smile) Maybe, with a little help from my friends, i’ll learn how to speak more understandably.

    Shall i be like demosthenes? an ancient greek who “let his own discretion tutor him” (Shakespeare) by going down to the seashore and trying to speak well against the sound of the breakers, with a mouth full of pebbles? Would that do me some good, too?

    I want to change overnight. I usually don’t think i believe in drastic measures, but changing overnight would be rather drastic a goal. Shall i say that nothing is too drastic when it comes to self improvement? Sounds rash to me.

    I notice, from the video, that when i smile and talk at the same time, i slow down the rate of words per minute and sound better, so maybe that would be a first step, try to smile with enjoyment of the words i’m producing.

    i’d like to use this email to you as today’s blog of mine. All i’d need to do is preface this article with a reference to your friday post. Maybe I could link you! I noticed, as i was reading up on blogging, that there is a way i’m able to link-create. More research required, everybody. More research required. donna

  2. hi, maria. on my computer, the screen registers your “Maria says:” as being posted, june 17, 2012 at 8:50 pm. Do you have such disparities from time to time? I do. The time, now, is 5:21 pm.

    i appreciate your input? Why do i think i mumble and yet you hear everything clearly enouogh to understand?

    I haven’t yet figured out the cut and paste technique. Struggling with the computer like i’m doing, will, i think, allow me to learn and have the learning stick, more. as a matter of fact, i’m going to ask jenna to teach me by letting me show her what i try to do and then asking her for the various ways to do what i’m unable to do on my own.

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