Artist Joyce Zimmerman and her Collages

By Joyce Zimmerman

I first met Joyce Zimmerman last year at a Gallery 99 show in Glens Falls, I liked her work so much, I bought one of her pieces.  It was one of her small 3-d collages in a plastic food container and when I went to her studio I was intrigued by all the different mediums she works in from clay to collage to painting.    She’s been working feminine imagery for years and often blends the ancient with the contemporary.  Her choice of materials are a mix too, using found objects as well as creating objects  from clay and paper to use in her collages.    She also uses words as a descriptive and visual element.  I find her pieces direct and fresh working with archetypal ideas in a personal way. I knew right away her work would be perfect for the last show in the Pig Barn Gallery.  In the video below, Joyce talks about her work and the process of creating it.

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