Winner of the Stone Wall Notcards and the Final Notecard Give-a-way

  Congratulation Nancy DiRienzo,  you won the Stone Wall Secrets notecards!

And now for the last Jon Katz notecard give-a-way…

"Judy" notecards by Jon Katz

A true Everyday Goddess, Judy Baldwin, dairy farmer on the Rouse Farm.  Jon writes about Judy on back of the notecards:

“It is humbling to watch Judy  work, to see her push the cows along, clean the manure, haul the milking tubes around, sweep up.  Then kiss her favorite cow McKenzie on the nose and go sit on the floor with her kids and play…The is something vulnerable, and also very strong and classic about Judy.  And like many women, she relates to animals in a particular way, and they to her.”

This is the last notecard give-a-way. So if you’d like a chance to win, just leave a comment on my blog.   I’ll announce the winner on Friday at 4pm the day before the Last Show at the Pig Barn Gallery, Anointing the Goddess.

I just got a call from another goddess, Mary Kellogg, she said she has some new poems to read at the show and will be there Saturday for the artists reception from 1-3pm.

15 thoughts on “Winner of the Stone Wall Notcards and the Final Notecard Give-a-way

  1. wish i lived closer and could attend the last show… but i look forward to reading about it. would love to win this last giveaway


  2. As a woman farmer myself, I particularly appreciate this series of notecards! I would be delighted to win them.

  3. Hi Maria, I actually bought this series, I loved it that much! I hope to come this weekend but things are very up in the air here.
    So happy for you and all the gifts you’ve been graced with. It’s your time. Enjoy!

  4. I never had the chance to meet any of my paternal grandparents, much less great grandparents; they had all passed away before I was born. But they emigrated from Europe in the mid-1850’s and settled on a dairy farm on the other side of the Adirondacks (Utica/Herkimer area) from your and Jon’s home.
    I remember hearing stories about my great-aunt Ida and great-uncle Vern, who lived to be 94 and 96 years respectively. They never left the farm and worked it until they died. When Jon began this series, I always related to Judy’s inner strength and fortitude. I just assumed my own stubborn, independent streak was my ‘heritage’ shining through, from relatives I never had the opportunity to get to know.
    Even if my entry is not the winner, it is at least my chance to say how very much I enjoyed the entire Rouse family’s photos. I hope somehow this country realizes the value of people like the Rouse’s; not to go backwards but forward with a gentler, family footprint on this planet.

  5. Strong women, gentle, calm and grounded; they are so inspirational. You feature many as does Jon. Thanks for that.

  6. Hi Maria- My father-in-law would love these cards- he ran a dairy farm (right down Route 22) Best of luck with your show- I might come and check it out 🙂

  7. You are so amazing with your quilts. They are beautiful!!! I just started to learn how to quilt and right now do 5″ squares for baby quilts for presents. Yours are awesome and to take the time to do the Harley T-Shirts for someone…You are a wonderful and very thoughtful person.

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