Joyful Goddesses

Our new dog Red, Freida and Lenore in front of the Pig Barn Gallery

By the end of last week I could feel it coming.   The choice between panicking about Anointing the Goddess or…

The “or” made me realize that I had a choice.   I could go with my prevailing thoughts of  you should make another pillow, why not make another quilt, you need more potholders…. or…. I could make one more pillow (which I did, just a little bit of crazy) then spend the week before the show getting things ready and enjoying it.

I realized I had this idea that if I wasn’t rushing around like a maniac, stressing and panicking and suffering, that I wasn’t working hard enough and I would screw something up and the show would be a failure.  Or when it went well, I could be greatly relieved and feel good about all my “hard” work.

But what if….what if I did just the opposite.  What if I told myself I had enough work, and I’d get everything done I needed to and anything I forgot or didn’t get to do wouldn’t matter.  What if I enjoyed myself.  The answer that came to me was that I’d have fun and the show would be even better because it was created joyfully. I reminded myself of the true meaning of my art shows. To expose people to good, local artists and their work. To create a welcoming and loving and safe environment.  To sell art to people who want to have it in their lives. To have fun, always, to have fun.

So, yesterday I cleaned out the Pig Barn, today I’m printing labels  and signs for the artwork and sorting out the paperwork.  Tomorrow Jon and I will meet Kim Gifford for lunch and pick up her work for the show,  get Jon’s prints from the Image Loft in Manchester and do a little “Artist Reception” food shopping.  Thursday Diane and I will hang the show and Friday I’ll take care of the loose odds and ends. In between I’m having lunch with Jon, walking with the dogs, visiting the sheep and donkeys, getting to know our new, sweet and loving dog, Red, reading my book (Smut by Alan Bennett) and going to bed early.  In a way, it’s like a vacation, a break from the normal routine of working in my studio.  And I’m spending it cultivating Joy, getting ready for the fruitful and festive weekend.

“We Stand in this sacred space and welcome all who come to share love, work, hope, and the Spirit of Creation”
Dedication prayer of the Pig Barn Gallery by Mary Muncil.

9 thoughts on “Joyful Goddesses

  1. Good for you! What a wonderful way to go into the art show. You made a great choice. I don’t know why we make ourselves crazy so often instead of choosing joy and peace. Have a wonderful show.

  2. Happy Summer Solstice Maria!! A very fine choice to make room for Joy. Much Love to you as you host your show, it will be lovely for sure.

  3. Maria, thanks for the message that we always have choices in our lives. Loved that you are embracing the whole experience, finding Joy and having fun with the show, rather than worrying and being panicky. Have a wild and wonderful week!

  4. Maria, if you are familiar with Tasha Tudor, you will recall her “motto” was take joy. “Take Joy!” is the title of one of her books. Enjoy—enjoy—enjoy!!!

  5. Maria,

    I love this! Enjoy this time. I truly wish I could come. I even checked out flights from Baltimore to Albany and the thought was to rent a car, drive up for the show and return home tomorrow evening. If you happen to see some wild-eyed, blonde haired woman, you know that this 50 year old went with her inner child, if you don’t, you know that the responsible one won out. :-(

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