Diane Swanson Paints the Goddess as Nature

Full Capacity by Diane Swanson

One day I was visiting Diane in the room she uses as a studio in her house (It’s also the guest room) and I asked her how she does her paintings. ” Oh you know” she said and went through the complicated process of sketching and painting a watercolor as if it were common knowledge, as if everyone did it.

When I saw her painting “Full Capacity”, which she made for Anointing the Goddess, I couldn’t begin to imagine how she did it. I was mesmerized by the range of colors and the loose forms which create solid structures and transparent, frothing, flowing, reflective water.  And she does this all the time in her paintings capturing the feeling of a bird, a pasture at midday, or a tree in full bloom.  Whether it’s watercolor, acrylic or pastel, her pleasure and confidence in the medium and subject matter come through in her paintings.

In the video below, Diane talks about her work and her choices about what to paint and how she does it.

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  1. How much is the picture “Full Capacity” and can I buy it before it’s on sale for the show and if I can, can it be mailed to me? Just beautiful…….

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