messy desk (this title doesn’t even deserve to be capitalized)





















I know no one wants to see a picture of my messy desk, but I’m just being real.  Besides driving my mother home, this is where I’ve been all day.  Going through the receipts and sorting out the numbers and trying to get the artists in the show their money as quickly as possible.  (alright, it’s true, I did go to the Salvation Army on the way back from dropping off my mom, but it’s a really good one and I only spent about a half hour there and I got some good stuff).

So I haven’t had a chance to do most of what I wanted to do today including writing something meaningful about the show and putting the terrific photo that Jon took of Red last week, up for sale.  But I promise to get to it all tomorrow, (I’m not planning on going out tomorrow and there are not thrift stores in Hebron).  So don’t give up on me,  come back then and you’re sure to see a better photo than my messy desk and read something  a more interesting than this. (That shouldn’t be hard to do)

12 thoughts on “messy desk (this title doesn’t even deserve to be capitalized)

  1. lol…Hey, I meant to ask you yesterday and of course, forgot. I have a container of buttons that belonged to my mom. Would you be interested in looking at them and seeing if you would want any?


  2. The photos of your art show are amazing, looked like a wonderful place to be on a June wk-end. In many ways. And I love the photo of your desk and your sense of humor! Love the “desk” as well. Not stashed in the basement with paint cans on it, Stickley or not!

  3. Maria, LOL! Love this, all of it. This part of the show is definately NOT FUN. I would still be procrastinating over it and it’s now 10:11 pm.

  4. I love this post! Messy desks are a terrific inspiration…especially for other artists! Great stuff lies beneath the mess. And even greater stuff is the reason for the messy desk. Messy desks mean that wonderful things are happening!

  5. O I don’t know…I rather like the picture of the messy desk. Beautiful old floors, a beautiful old desk, lovely casement windows juxtaposed with the p/c set up….papers, objects of a busy, busy life…one being very well spent….and a nicely composed picture at that!
    Besides, suffering from “messy desk” syndrome myself I have always thought the super tidy desk … just a little indicative of a tight and super tidy mind. Never good to generalize…but I’m just say’in. 🙂

  6. Keeping it real! That is life, Maria. Every one of us who do our art or craft has that scene somewhere, if we are honest about it. Congratulations on what must have been a fabulous weekend.

  7. Wouldn’t “messy desk” be a great new notecard series? Btw, that photo of Red is epic. It literally took my breath away the first time I saw it.

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