Grateful Sunday

  The day started off with our friend Jenna coming over to help us out with Tess.  Tess has been having a hard time standing up.  She seems fine otherwise, eating and drinking and no other signs of illness.  So Jenna brought over some Penicillin and looked at her eyes, and put some electrolytes in her water.  She also gave me a candle to burn.   Tomorrow I’ll give Tess her Penicillin injection, it will be my first time doing it and I’m eager to learn how to take care of my sheep.

Then I went to my studio for a while to try and figure out my Harley Davidson Quilt.  I got  good advice from some of you about using interfacing to keep the fabric from stretching (thank you).  I tried a bunch of different designs, and left it till tomorrow,  looking like this:

Then we were off to the Battenkill for a swim.  We met our friends Nancy and Bill and their dog daisy and Jenna came too with her dog Gibson.  We brought Red to see if he would swim.  (he did, but reluctantly)  The water was cool and refreshing, the conversation easy and enjoyable.  We stayed long enough to enjoy the sun without getting burned, then headed to Gallery 668 where Jack Metzger (of Jack’s OutBack) was in an art show.

Jon and Jack in front of Jack's work

By the time we got there, he had already sold 2 of his pieces.  Then we had dinner with Donna and George.

With all we did and as many people as we saw, it should have been a hectic day.  But it was just the opposite.  A day filled with friends, it was relaxed and enjoyable. Each visit blending naturally into the next, friends overlapping with ease.  How I’ve dreamed of such days, filled with friends and art, good conversation and fun.  Today was one of those days and how grateful I am to have it.

8 thoughts on “Grateful Sunday

  1. What a blessing, Maria, and insightful of you to appreciate it. I will be looking forward to seeing the end result of your Harley quilt. I have wanted to do this for my son with sports tees but haven’t gotten up the courage.

  2. Maria, I love reading your posts…telling us what is going on in your life. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I hope Tess is all better soon!

  3. This sounds like an altogether wonderful day – friends, conversation, art, animals, play, food…. what could be better?

    I’m curious about the candle.

  4. Just MAKE SURE to use a fairly light iron on interfacing for the T-shirt blocks — the voice of experience here. Heavier interfacing will be terrible to sew through.

    Love your posts, Beth

    1. I used a medium weight interfacing Beth, I haven’t started sewing them yet, but I’m thrilled at how stable they are. I hope like you say, not too much. I’ll find out tomorrow.

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