Harley Davidson Quilt Part 2

I woke up Monday morning with that old “Back to School”  dread. Oh, I was struggling with the Harley Quilt and I wasn’t being quiet about it. I even put off going to my studio finding a million important things (like rearrange my shoes) that had to be done.

Then Jon offered a suggestion, he said he saw it in a vision, I cringed a bit, I’m not so good at taking advice, especially when it comes to my work.  But Jon was being brave.  ” I know I’m going to pay for this somehow” he said, ” but I’ll say it anyway.”  He saw a cross, not a Christian cross, but more like a plus sign with a border around it.  “That’s an interesting idea” I said, my stock answer for creative advice.  Then went to my studio and did everything but that.  I looked through my quilt books and went on-line and moved those tee shirts around all morning.  Finally I put my ego aside and tired Jon’s suggestion.  I liked it, I really liked it.  And I was just tired enough to be happy about it, my ego worn down, gave up the fight.

The next break through came from a comment on my blog.  Marcia suggested I use a lightweight fusible interfacing to stabilize the fabric.  That I was happy to hear.  I wasn’t looking forward to sewing all those stretchy tee shirts.

So last night I went to JoAnn Fabrics in Glens Falls and got 6 yards of medium weight fusible interfacing (because I forgot what Marcia recommended and the woman at the fabric store didn’t seem to know either so we just guessed).  At first I was nervous about figuring out how to use the interfacing (old story, I’m always nervous about new stuff) but once I figured it out, I was actually having fun. The pieces I cut and fused came out so straight and square and stayed that way.  I got good at it, placing the cut piece of interfacing over the image on the shirt and centering it (I could see through the interfacing) cutting one edge to  line up the interfacing with when I turned the fabric over to iron from the back.  (I did iron the interfacing to the front of the first one I did this way,  covering a grinning skull.  Luckily it comes off pretty easily with no damage)  The pieces had the same feel as those triangular sports pendants that people used to hang on their walls. (or maybe they still do).  And they looked great next to each other, flat and square like stamps or signs.

I had to go back to JoAnn’s to get more interfacing, but I didn’t mind, I was so excited to get back and finish with all the fusion (also, they were having a big 4th of July sale, everything I bought was 50% off!).  What a difference from the morning when I was looking for excuses to put off my work.  So here it is,  I’m planning on using maroon as a ground ( where you see my tan rug in the photo)  And I can’t wait to get into the studio tomorrow and start sewing.


20 thoughts on “Harley Davidson Quilt Part 2

  1. You have so inspired me with this Maria–I, like you, do not take advice easily, but this is awesome and has given me the will to tackle
    a quilt of my own with Military T-shorts

  2. Oh My did I say T-shorts????? I sure meant T-shirts, although now
    that I think about it, T-shorts might be quite interesting too.

  3. It’s reassuring to hear your ways of putting off the creative start. Jon was so right, I think this design really works. I have asked my husband for help in scrapbooking, sewing, etc. and he usually has just the perspective I was missing. Thanks for the tip about the interfacing, it looks great. Glad your shoes are all in order, too !!

  4. It looks really cool…There’s a Harley owner out there that will absolutely love that quilt.

  5. Hi Maria, What a great post. There’s several lessons in it for me.(And the quilt looks so cool!) Happy 4th to you all, Cindy

  6. Maria, it looks great! I can wait to see it finished. It’s amazing what can happen when ego steps aside.

  7. Nice solution Maria – I should have thought about suggesting fusing a backing on the T-shirt designs – I’ve done that myself! Looking goood!

  8. Two creative people who love each other and give good advice:what can go wrong? 🙂
    I was just wondering; is this a quilt for a bed? Or a quilt to put around you to keep warm in front of a fire?(or TV) On a bed it would need a boarder on the side so the shirts will show up on the bed and not disappear on the sides. No advice! Just a reflection when I see the picture.
    Take care

    1. I was planning on doing a border when it was done Ida. I tried maroon today, but I have some navy corduroy that I think will work.

  9. That looks amazing!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a quilt made with Harley logos from t’s…..It’s going to be marvelous when it’s finished and I’m sure your client is going to be delighted!!!!!

  10. Maria, it looks wonderful!!! I love the way you put the shirts on the sides. Your color ideas for the background and borders are great, too. Such fun to watch the progress, and hear that others are inspired, as well!
    Happy Tess is better.

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