What Makes a Good Show at the Pig Barn Gallery

Fran and Meg

The first thing that comes to mind when I ask myself, How did the Anointing the Goddess show go? is the overall feeling.  Simply, when I think of the weekend of the show, I smile.  It was a good time. Lots of people came and enjoyed themselves.  I personally had a blast, talking to people and hanging around with the artists (most of them were there for the entire weekend) hearing Mary Kellogg read her new poems, listening to Jon’s talk in the Big Barn where we got married, while it thundered and rained outside, and selling lots of art.

And that’s the next thing I think, every artist sold at least one piece of art, and most more than one piece. This makes me happy, because as much as I enjoy artists getting the exposure and people being able to see their work, if no one bought anything, I would be disappointed.  I’m glad to say, so far I haven’t been disappointed.  A lot of small things sold, Donna Wynbrandt’s Adorable A do Ables sold well, and Jon sold out of his Dogs of Bedlam Farm cards.  I’m still getting emails about Kim Gifford’s photo collages, and Diane Swanson’s watercolor Full Capacity sold to a local collector.  Another local art collector bought several of Joyce Zimmermans 3-D collages.  I sold all but 2 of my potholders and most of my pillows and I even sold my Pow Crash quilt to a woman who had the same pajamas that I used in the quilt!

So it was a fun and successful show and an enjoyable weekend.  Red was the newest hit, loving people one moment herding sheep the next.  I think Lenore worked the hardest greeting every person who came up the driveway.

So Jon and I both have a few pieces from the show that I’d like to offer for sale on my website. (I’ll post mine tomorrow, I’ve run out of time and have to leave for my yoga class in a few minutes)

Jon’s signed photo’s are printed on archival paper and matted with an acid free mat to fit into a standard 11×14 frame. They are $65 + $8 shipping. (a really good price)  I take checks or  I can email you a paypal invoice.  Just email me here or at [email protected].   Here’s what I have available:

Lenore on her favorite couch
Fran Catching a Ride on Simon's Back
Peony on farmhouse window SOLD
Fran and Meg in the barnyard
Fanny and Simon in the Barn
Minnie on Her Throne
Florance's Window SOLD
Lulu and Simon




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