Sometimes It happens


Lenore and her teddy bear

Sometimes it happens.  It’s some kind of stringy thing, usually a piece of grass or hair, but with some dogs, like Lenore, it can be almost  anything.  And this is one of the many beautiful things about the man I married.  He’s not the kind of guy who yells at a dog when she’s throwing up on the carpet (I never could understand that, as if the dog is vomiting on purpose) or gets mad if he finds a load of diarrhea in the living room first thing in the morning. He just lets the dog out and cleans up the mess.

So this morning, as we were sitting on the screened-in porch eating breakfast, and Jon saw Lenore taking a dump on the front lawn (not where she usually goes)  I just looked away.  “Not something I need to watch while I’m eating breakfast” I said.   But Jon was concerned,he immediately noticed that something was wrong,  Lenore was struggling.  Then  she  starts scooting around in a squat trying to rid herself of a long stringy thing.  And there goes Jon, leaving breakfast on the table,  with a paper towel in hand, to the rescue.  I still didn’t watch as he pulled out the piece of grass ( or whatever)  that was causing Lenore so much trouble.  But I fell in love with Jon once again.

Most of the men I’ve known in my life would have just been pissed off that the dog dumped on the lawn. I know it may be a strange thing to love someone for, but every time Jon doesn’t get mad about something (that would have been a nightmare/drama with most other men I’ve known and which in my opinion is stupid to get mad about) I love and appreciate him more and more.

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  1. And how good and right that he’s tuned in to the animals enough to know in a split second that there is something out of the normal pattern. You guys are really made for one another…in case you didn’t already know. 🙂

  2. I love this Maria. I think you and Jon are such an ideal couple and I personally completely understand why that would make you love him even more.

  3. I just jumped over from Jon’s blog (sometimes I jump over to his from yours) and I love reading about the same incident from two different perspectives. You and Jon are a fine team!

  4. I’m sorry but this is funny! I can, however, completely appreciate the fact that you appreciate Jon not getting mad over things like that. I was married for 17 years to someone who got mad over nearly everything. (Thus I am divorced from him lol.) You guys are just perfect for each other! And I hope Lenore is okay!

  5. Maria,
    You are so right. It’s pretty amazing to find a man who doesn’t go around yelling about every little thing. I love my Dad lots and lots, but he was always one of those men yelling and screaming about every little thing. He got mad at me when I was sick. He didn’t care that I was sick. He cared that he couldn’t sleep because I was sick. It crushed me then and it still bothers me to this day. I knew my husband was the one for me when he didn’t do all those things. He loved my animals and me without anger and I knew I had to hold on to that. Jon is a pretty special guy and it’s so wonderful you guys found each other. I love reading about how much love you have for one another. The world needs more of that.


  6. Awwww, Maria, that is beautiful. What a great love you have. I have to say I agree, as I have a partner who is similar. He just says, “Riley left us another steamer”, and cleans it up and takes her out in the yard (Riley is 14 now and getting to the point that she sometimes just does it because she doesn’t want to make the effort to let us know she needs to go out). What a great message, Maria, and it shows that love is so much more about the little things.

  7. Oh, how I undeerstand, Maria. My John came to be the same with my little Frankie who was incontinent. We both came to realize, hey it’s no bi deal when she had an accident… We loved her so. No big deal.

    Barbara Techel

  8. Jon is perfect by all accounts as these things that would normally piss off men do not affect him very much. This can also translate into things he would do for you had you been in trouble in some way similar to Lenore.

    I read in a Christian psychology book written by Dr. Kevin Lehman about birth order, that the perfect men were those who would do these things for their wives (esp. if their wives were ill, they cleaned up after them). When you consider it, this is a selfless act. Not something we would necessarily see in self-centered prideful men who have the idea that anything like Lenore’s predicament, would be beheath them, and maybe something that they would be angry about. Being on a farm, being with Labs, and donkeys you have to deal with poop. Horse’s can have similar issues like Lenore’s predicament.

    Wow, Jon is a real gem. You are lucky!

  9. You know Maria, I understand what you are saying. My own experience would of been exactly the same, as I have also been with men who are not as perceptive as Jon apparently can be regarding the dogs. Men in my former life would of been angry, yelling, or disgusted, but it takes a real man to look further. He looked and he saw the need, and just simply handled it with apparent tenderness and gentleness. You and Lenore are two lucky girls! 🙂

  10. I love this picture of Lenore and her teddy bear! Her eyes are so bright, shiny and show so much love. My Lab, Riley, loves to bring toys or a stuffed animal to the door whenever my husband or me comes home. It is such a sweet offering.
    Your thoughts about Jon and the way he deals with and relates to the animals and their needs are so true. I suppose that is one of the reasons I love to read his books and his blog.
    The two of you exhibit so much understanding of the Universe and the place all of us seem to have in it—humans and animals both.
    Thank you so much for sharing with allof us.
    Jane Los Angeles

  11. With gratitude for all things and love comes Peace. You get it. You get back what you put out. Thanks for putting out there a little piece of your life today with this. Spreading smiles. 🙂

  12. Aw, this picture of Lenore with her teddy bear just melts my heart. She is so adorable. It’s hard to believe that such revolting things come out of one so sweet :). It is nice to hear of your love for Jon and how the little things make it grow evermore.

  13. Hey Maria, It’s always been,”Love me, love my dog(s).” One guy I was with was thoroughly grossed out when I had to help my dog while she was pooping out long strands of pink bubble gum. I ditched that creep so fast his head spun.
    I’m so happy for you and Jon. 🙂

  14. I had to laugh when I saw this on your blog and on Jon’s. I just had to do the same thing with my dog. “Whatever’ it was was about 12 inches long and just kept coming out, LOL. Life just happens…it’s normal. Although the poor dog didn’t think it was normal, he kept chasing his tail and whatever was hanging out of his butt. Felt so sorry for him. And like I said, it just kept coming, I felt like I was pulling his whole insides out. Fortunately, it was just long grass, and he seemed a whole lot happier when the ‘procedure’ was finished. Loved reading about this and love the love story of you and Jon.

  15. Maria, I just read this blog post (kind of old I see) but it really resonated with me. I, too, am happily married to a man who I love a little more every day for the things he doesn’t show impatience or anger towards. I value his kindness, compassion and empathy towards humans and animals alike. The gentleness and care he shows our dogs is a testament to how sensitivity and kindness truly makes a man, a MAN. Many men I know show their insecurities and anger daily, I feel truly lucky that I have found my soulmate, it looks like you have yours as well. I wish you and Jon many years of happiness together.

  16. As I search for reminders that the spirit of the ones I love is still alive in others was able to glimpse it in the acceptance and love demonstrated in this example as you both relate to each other and all those you have volunteered to inspire.

  17. Laughing so hard. In my “walking pack” we call that “grassyass” which sounds so much like gracias. Yes I too love my husband the most when he is picking up the dog poop, dead carcasses from the kitties/or dogs or doing some other disgusting task.

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