Inside My New Studio

My new studio is almost empty.  This is what it looks like on the inside.  There’s a little chicken door on the back wall, it looks to clean to have been a chicken coop, but that would explain the south facing windows.  Maybe I’ll make it into a cat door.

The first time I went inside my studio it was filled with furniture and junk.  It was hard to see, but I got a feeling . I had some ideas about how I wanted it finished off.   But, now I have some new ideas.  They are a bit more expansive, more space, more light.

Last weekend we visited our friends Paula and Pam and seeing Pam’s painting studio made me want a high ceiling and white walls.  At first I was thinking about keeping the ceiling low for the heat, but it’s really a small enough space that I don’t think it will matter much. And I can picture it,  the space above my head going up and up to the rafters.  A ceiling fan and bright lights.  Blow-in insulation in the walls and wooden storms and screens on the windows.  And I’ll paint the walls white.  A bit hard, the wainscoting is aged such a nice brown, but I don’t want brown walls, I want white walls.  Clean and bright.  And air conditioner in the window in the summer and a woodstove in the winter.  I can’t wait to move in.

12 thoughts on “Inside My New Studio

  1. It looks wonderful, Maria and can’t wait to see photos with the white walls and lights and woodstove and all! Your special space is coming!

  2. I hope you do some remodeling-in-progress photos–I have a studio in a small old outbuilding which I want to re-do. It looks very much like yours. Perhaps I will gain some good ideas–good luck!

  3. This studio is so charming it practically makes me salivate. OOH OOH OOH! Will be so fun watching it be transformed into “you.”

  4. It will be awesome and it will be very nice to have a visit from the kitties and maybe a chicken now and then when they discover the little door.

  5. I just love your new studio, Maria! I can just picture you creating your beautiful fiber art and the bright white walls surrounding you, hugging you, saying “welcome, welcome!”

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