Seeing With New Eyes

My half finished piece

I had big plans for working in my studio today,  finishing my Seeing piece starting something new.  Saving photos of  my  work from my old computer (which will not make to the move to the new house. ) But then we got a closing date on the new house (end of the week) and there were things we had to do.  My streaming piece sat on my desk top half finished.  I kept believing I’d get back to it.  I even left my door and windows open, my fan on.

We had to go to the new house and sort out some details and once there, well, Lori and Dave were still cleaning out the house and having their yard sale. The barn Rocky and the donkeys will use was cleaned out and  we got to really see it for the first time. The lawn was mowed and the fields brushhogged, and we just wanted to be there.

We talked about were Rocky and donkeys and chickens and sheep would go and how to set up the fencing.  We walked on a newly opened pasture and took a shovel and pitch fork out of the garbage pile, and I found a cabinet for my studio. Then, Anne our bookkeeper stopped by and bought some chairs and when it started to rain (beautiful cooling rain) we all helped move the yard sale stuff from the lawn into the house.  We didn’t want to leave, seeing the new farm with new eyes.   Suddenly it’s so much more real.  Soon Florence’s home will be our home, Rocky will be our pony.  We won’t be able to do much until we sell the farm, but we’re also seeing there may be less to do.

The day was kidnapped by our new house and although we’ll soon own 2 farms and that’s a bit scary, I have no doubts about buying the new farm.  I know it’s meant to be ours.

9 thoughts on “Seeing With New Eyes

  1. Maria, I was captivated by your phrase “the day was kidnapped by our new house”. How much more beauty and meaning we could enjoy if we allowed ourselves to live in “kidnapped” moments. Wishing you much peace and beauty in New Bedlam Farm.

  2. Maria, your new farm sounds wonderful and I wish for you, Jon and your extended animal family a fun, exciting and joy-filled new life there! Your decision to move forward and follow your dreams is inspiring.

  3. Ah, a lovely day, especially when you can embrace it and feel the joy of it. Send your wishes to the Universe, and it will conspire with you to make it happen. 🙂

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