Barbe, Making Her Dreams Come True

Barbe and her Harley Quilt

Barbe came to my studio today to pick up her Harley Davidson Quilt.  It’s an anniversary gift for her husband (three of the best years of her life).  We got to know each other a little and she’s the kind of person I like to be around.  Creative, fun, ambitious, determined and upbeat. (oh yeah, and she loved the quilt).

She’s one of those people who has changed her life for the better.  She found a good man (after lots of hard work on herself and  making a list of the 10 things she wanted in a relationship and didn’t settle till she got them all) and is now in the process of making another life long dream come true.  At the end of August, Barbe is opening Shabby-Chic-Boutique, a consignment shop on Main Street in Hudson Falls NY.

She told me of the piles of clothes she’s sorting through (including 100 pairs of jeans) and the renovations that are going on in the shop.  A week after she signed the lease, a thrift store opened up across the street.  But she wasn’t discouraged, instead she’s going to work with them and other consignment shops in the area to make them all a destination.   I saw photos of her hand made earring.”Nothing serious,” she said ” I  just like making them.” (They looked like more than “just fun” to me) and her dogs (which won’t be at the shop).

Barbe is also a writer.  Until now, her writing has been mostly cathartic, but will soon be Barb’s new website and blog.  She said my blog inspired her, but just from meeting a couple of times, I know Barbe has a lot to say.  I have a feeling her new boutique and blog are going to be inspiring as well as a great place to shop. (I could use a new/used pair of jeans)

I’m so glad I agreed to make the Harley Davidson Quilt for Barbe.  I learned a lot making it (as well as got to keep the extra t-shirts, I see a Harley Davidson II Quilt in the future) and got to know Barbe.  One of the happy people who has taken responsibility for her life and is making her dreams come true.



7 thoughts on “Barbe, Making Her Dreams Come True

  1. So happy to see that beautiful smile on Barbe’s face, and what a wonderful story. I relate very closely, being 5 years in to a beautiful relationship after many bad ones, some life threatening.
    Conragtulations, Maria, on bringing such happiness with your work. The quilt is beautiful.

    Also, I will be thinking of you and Jon on your very special day tomorrow. So happy for you both.

  2. quilt looks great!
    i forgot earlier on Face book to comment to Jon about the flies — a rag dampened with Avon’s skin so soft wiped on them will keep most bugs from bugging them and you as well.

  3. I wanted to let everyone know that not only did I love this quilt, but my husband loved it as well. The work on this piece of art is breathtaking and he surely lost his breath when he saw it! It brought back memories that made him smile, and then I got to show him all the blog postings about this work in progress and he was just aglow with praise for the quilt and the work that went into it. Thank you, Maria, for giving me the opportunity to present him with such a beautiful gift for our anniversary. He is the most wonderful, generous, kind man on this earth….I am so blessed to have him as my best friend and this year I was able to truly show him how often I think of him and how much our relationship means to me. Many thanks to all of you for your kind comments!

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